Identify the method of the actor of tap, bad quickly

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The tap shop sign that shows the market to go up is very a lot of more, because use material to differ character, the price that is the same as norms also differs a lot of, let purchaser be just as have a blurred vision, do not know to buy which good, a few simple method: to teach you below? Hao the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome protects ㄒ leech tip of ┛ of Guo of  of aspic of aperture of Chang of Yi of  of blessing of uncut jade of goosefoot Hu steamed bun makes an appointment with?M6 of horsefly ゼ Hu to be exemple) : 1; See shovel of whorl of tap chamfer front grind (pour wine cup) even, whether does cutting chamfer blade have quick opening, show well 7 words, show 7 words or U glyph badly (the meeting when exiting silk to attack causes cutting twice, easy rupture and the precision that affects whorl) ; 2; Detect: of heat treatment circumstance? Buzzing aperture breaks ignoranting cover humorous to die rice of? of Zi clang Lu is controlled) smooth fall to whether rupture, break a specification brittleness is big; 3; Knock awl of fracture of wire, seeing its fracture surface is inclined long, the molecular grain in fracture surface (metallographic is organized 10.

5#) fine knot, showing heat treatment and capable person is good character, smooth or inclined short, molecular grain (metallographic is organized) thick bad. Basically depend on to the stand or fall of tap its original material is qualitative, heat treatment, groove, precision, equipment, rotate speed and be pledged by treatment material, hardness, operate the quality of employee to wait a moment, much more relative! When choosing tap, qualitative to the original material of tap, heat treatment, groove want particularly advertent, be aimed at different treatment aperture, the proposal chooses the tap of different type! Recite scriptures of netizen Ma Ke replies: A few compensatory, look from the exterior: 1 .

Have deny nigrescent, hair is yellow, the trace of burn 2.

The horn before point is flat, have without negative talk arris or step 3.

The sign is clear analyse, accord with the material that additionally about the regulation tap treatment differs, different machine tool is even divisional the precision of tap, angle, additionally other parameter should fit work requirement. CNC Milling