Machining center the process designing skill of a few commonly used instructions

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1, the distinction of M00, M01, M02 and M30 and connection student are when process designing of machining center of begin to learn, to above code of a few M is easy and promiscuous, main reason is a student to machining center treatment lacks understanding, add individual teaching material to narrate not detailed. Their distinction and connection are as follows: M00 suspends dictating for the program. The program is carried out come here feed stops, main shaft stops turn. After pressing the button that start afresh, continue to carry out the block from the back again. The person that basically use at process designing wants to make in treatment the machine tool pauses (examine workpiece, adjust, platoon bits) . M01 suspends dictating optionally for the program. On the Control Panel when the program is carried out " optional stop " key is in " ON " this function ability is effective when condition, should dictate otherwise invalid. The effect after carrying out and M00 are identical, commonly used at crucial dimension examine or pause temporarily. M02 ends an instruction for the main program. Carry out come here instruction, feed stops, main shaft stops, cooling fluid is shut. But program cursor stops in program fine. M30 ends an instruction for the main program. The function is the same as M02, different point is, cursor returns program head position, no matter whether there still is other block after M30. 2, the applied     of D of address of cutting tool compensating parameter, H controls a system in partial number (like FAUNC) in, d of cutting tool compensating parameter, H has same function, OK and aleatoric crossing-over, they express to the address name of register is compensated in numerical control system, but how much is specific compensation cost, the key is will decide by the numerical value in date address is being compensated at the back of them. It is so in machining center, to prevent to make mistake, stipulate H is cutting tool length to compensate an address artificially commonly, amend order from 1 ~ 20, d compensates an address for cutting tool radius, compensation date begins from 21 (the knife library of 20 knives) . For example: G00G43H1Z60.

G01G41D21X30 of 0;     .


  of   of 0F150;     3, the G59 of ~ of G54 of   of applied     of G92 and G54 ~ G59 is the coordinate department with the good set before calling treatment, and G92 is the coordinate department in the set in the program, used G54 ~ G59 to do not have necessary reuse G92, otherwise G54 ~ G59 can be replaced, ought to avoid. Attention: (1) once used G92 set coordinate,be, g59 of reuse G54 ~ does not have any effect, unless cut off the power to start a system afresh, or needing new workpiece coordinate with G92 set place then is. (2) after the program of use G92 ends, if the machine tool does not have the origin that returns G92 set, start this program again, the machine tool is in the position to become new workpiece coordinate origin currently, send make trouble reason easily. So, must careful with. 4, suspensive instruction   G04X_/P_ is to show cutting tool suspends time (feed stops, main shaft does not stop) , the numerical value after address P or X is suspensive time. The numerical value at the back of X should be taken decimally, otherwise the one thousandth computation with this numerical value, with the second (S) for the unit, numerical value cannot be taken at the back of P decimally (namely integer expresses) , with millisecond (Ms) for the unit. CNC Milling