If why obtain Gao Sheng to produce efficiency and high security in titanium alloy milling?

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Banner material of Shanteweikekeleman pledges S30T and S40T used material of cutting cutting tool to develop the latest technology in course. When milling titanium alloy, generation reacts in the quantity of heat on cutting tool point, chemistry and mechanical bear had obtained data of commonly used cutting tool can susceptive limit, so ability research and development gave these two kinds of material to pledge. Material pledges S30T is used at high speed cutting and requirement the circumstance S30T of life of taller cutting tool is efficient titanium alloy milling only and research and development. This material pledges matrix is by microcrystalline bead hard alloy is comprised, match with PVD wear-resisting coating. So OK the point with sharper make it, this point is had very strong fight fatigue ability and very good point security, when high speed is machined so it has longer cutting tool life. Material pledges S40T is used at be not being stabilized to mix abominable operating mode S40T is the abominable operating mode when milling of the alloy that it is titanium and research and development. This material is qualitative become by matrix of tall tenacity hard alloy and confluence of thin CVD coating. This kind of material applies to easy generation character vibration and long the circumstance of milling of abominable operating mode. Its point wears away can be forecasted, cutting blade will become blunt gradually and not be collapse blade. The CoroMill of use material qualitative S30T and S40T®Qualitative S30T of very wide material and S40T can use the range of cutting tool at milling cutter of of all kinds CoroMill, include face mill, square shoulder mill, long knife mill, insert mill, Gao Jin to give milling, copying and mill chamfer to wait. The series introduction with qualitative material of titanium alloy milling passes these two kinds of new material to introduce us character to know, the applied range of milling of alloy of their use titanium is very wide. S30T side produces efficiency and cutting rate at rising again, and S40T notes overweight to rise not to stabilize the security that issues with abominable operating mode. The capable person of titanium alloy milling that adds us to have is qualitative, we already compose is built have a capable person of powerful and honest titanium alloy milling qualitative catenary. S30T   falls in following scenario, use bit material to pledge S30T can obtain life of first-rate cutting tool and highest cutting parameter: Treatment stability can forecast existence relative to good cutting operating mode slight it is to the oscillatory cutting speed of moderate strength medium to tall. Use cooling fluid from beginning to end please, had better be to use high pressure to cool (HPC)   of     S40T falls in following scenario, use bit material to pledge S40T can acquire highest security and the longest cutting tool life: Cutting operating mode is forecasted abominable or very hard, optimize stability without the course when cutting method for example poorer, the speed of oscillatory and medium cutting to acuteness intensity waits to use cooling fluid from beginning to end please in existence, had better use high pressure to cool (HPC)   client case | Material pledges S30T behaves supereminent spare parts: Working procedure of plane structural member: Material of workpiece of rough machining square shoulder: Ti-6Al-4V,   bit body of hardness 330 HB: R390-063Q22-11H, razor blade of   of Dc 63 Mm: R390-11T308M-MM, cooling fluid of   of material qualitative S30T: Emulsion, the Leng Jing outside low pressure contends for Ap (mm) 7 of   of adversary S30T   .

7 7.

Fz (mm/ of   of   of Vc (m/min) 75 75 of   of   of Ae (mm) 16 16 of 7     ages) 0.

1 0.

Life of 1   cutting tool (minute) result of 28 58   : Use material to pledge life of the cutting tool after S30T enhanced case of 107%   client | S40T behaves more excellent part than the competitor: Working procedure of plane structural member: Forging, thick mill face and corner workpiece material: Ti-6Al-4V forging,   cutting tool of hardness 300 HB: R300-050Q22-12H razor blade: R300-1240M-MM, cooling fluid of   of material qualitative S40T: Emulsion, the 3   of – of 3 2 of – of Ap (mm) 2 of   of   of cold competitor S40T outside low pressure 50   of – of 50 6 of – of   Ae (mm) 6 63   of – of 63 50 of – of   Vc M/min 50   Fz (mm/ ages) 0.

16 – 0.

20 0.

16 – 0.

Life of 20   cutting tool (minute) 78 140 result: Compare with photograph of round razor blade, life of the cutting tool after using qualitative S40T of CoroMill 300 and material lengthened 80%     [about Shanteweikekeleman] Shanteweikekeleman established   1942, be subordinate to belongs to hill spy dimension to restrain a group, company headquarters is located in Sweden Shanteweiken (Sandviken) , swedish radical silent (Gimo) have mill of the world's greatest hard alloy razor blade. Shanteweikekeleman is had in the whole world 8, many 000 employee, delegate orgnaization is set in 130 many countries and area, dimension of 2 hill spy is set to overcome coke full center in the whole world, 28 efficiency center, 11 use a center. 4 when be located in Holand, United States, Singapore and China deserve to send a center to ensure quickly hand of product deliver client in. Shanteweikekeleman is the biggest metallic cutting cutting tool creates the world with the supplier, 30, more than kinds of 000 product enclothed each metals such as treatment of turning, milling, aperture to machine applied domain. The company pays attention to new product to develop very much, investment of research and development is course of study inside double of average level, own 600 many valid patent a group of things with common features. Annual the form with CoroPak, in age two season are rolled out to the market 2, more than kinds of 000 new product. Shanteweikekeleman 1985 China of make one's bow, the company is registered at Shanghai, headquarters is located in Beijing. Through development of more than 20 years, shanteweikekeleman is big the service network of China area has comparatived perfect, set 42 agency, to pervade the machining company of countrywide each district provides product and service. Shanteweikekeleman is big China area builds businesslike center in Shanghai and Beijing, build in Shanghai have applied center, build in Guangzhou, Shenyang, Wuhan, Nanjing and Hangzhou have groom center. The hill spy dimension that is located in Langfang overcomes coke full center, it is headquarters of afterwards company Sweden the center of the 2nd world-class that investment uses Shanteweiken after the center, two centers are representing highest technology level of Shanteweikekeleman. Our order make tool manufacturer also be located in Heibei Langfang. About more information of Shanteweikekeleman, ask a visit: Www.



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