Between CAM and CAD perfect cooperate

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CAM/CAD developed business OPEN MIND Technologies AG to roll out brand-new HyperMILL®2013, this product is had numerous and brand-new powerful function, rich function upgrades and more facilitate use. Most important improving is new fund " HyperCAD-S® " the core of CAD, can cooperate faultlessly with HyperMILL CAM solution. Current version includes brand-new system package and important upgrade, make an user organic more can effective, reliable ground establishs NC program and improve the productivity of working procedure. Appearance slants impeller of buy finish machining and leaf dish rough machining and underside treatment HyperCAD-S: The CAD that designs for CAM user only owns a lot of and brand-new software design from the 0 HyperCAD-S® that begin new development, for example framework, core, graph, database, user interface and API. NextpageCAD solution is aimed at CAM job design technically, the special demand that also is personnel of contented NC process designing at the same time the body is custom-built. Brand-new the HyperCAD-S core of development is processing already guided of the ideal of data anthology. The user uses the dominant position that savors originally to depend on can altering any geometrical elements easily at any time. Curve and free shape face use appearance of curve of Bei Sai Er and NURBS geometry to depict. Besides the is used at compose to build woof that is familiar with besides you, this core also offerred the element of personnel of process designing of many special auxiliary CAM now, include cloud of cutting tool method, polygonal network, dot and rectangular element among them, these include to be in core now. It may be said of HyperCAD-S user interface is summit of a summit make, have extremely tall user advantage sex. The give attention to two or morethings when we are developing GUI arrived newest ergonomics standard. One of car manufacturer with the other window Open Mind of new version and the biggest Germany joint development brand-new " muscle chamfer milling " circulate. For this pair of manufacturer that must want the muscle chamfer depth inside milling mould accent, can yet be regarded as a good news. This loop can detect automatically a groove that wants milling. Can machine abrupt area and bottom area alone. And circulate in compositive also model antrum treatment and collision avoid (curve of cutter shaft and semifinished product of cutting tool collision, clipping and model) . The geometrical figure that meeting ground has the system chooses a rough machining strategy that fit. Border area also can be machined thoroughly. Be the same as sample to get what carry is, this loop support is conic and conic increase model cutting tool. This meeting brings the profit of many sided to the user: Now but ministry of easily costal region of form of process designing shade. Shorten handling time while, also can improve quality. Another window is " appearance slants buy finish machining " politic, this and drum knife and water knife combination are used very practical. This strategy is used compact model milling cutting tool, the partial milling radius with bigger collocation. Radius of milling cutting tool can let cutting of 5 axes side edge be in free appearance apparently have older way to be apart from. "I like to use this cutting tool extremely, because its handling time is special short, and exterior quality is very high however " , the Konstantin Gambs of department of engineering of Open Mind whole world says so. The new function of 2013 version includes to use the strategy that razor blade of pottery and porcelain has milling turning is machined. An among them strategy is " alterable step pitch " politic: In the begining very small, ; greatens gradually later or, in the begining very big, later taper. "This can let you change the contact of bit to nod, and each age wear away more even " , k.

Gambs says so. "Automatic inclined cut " strategy is usable also hereat utility. Among them, can change osculatory point of view for whole cutting with reducing bit wear away. Those who reduce machine tool and cutting tool wear away treatment cutting tool begins rock gradually. And as speed accelerate, this still can is opposite structure, and even cutting tool is caused " shake " . Accordingly, open Mind try every means through upgrading the strategy in HyperMILL removes this kind of effect. The more more downy, flowing exercise that achieves more easily on the machine tool, already brought into HyperMILL in many respects now in. These including " advanced outline is compensated " politic. This expands the cutting tool method in the area that can analyse directional mutation. Regard outline compensatory as one part, in the crucial change of outline the position will insert lesser excessive radius. This can prolong the service life of the machine tool not only, also can raise treatment rate at the same time. Deserve to have preelection treatment is sequential " the root machines automatic Qing Dynasty " the service life that politic and same meeting prolongs cutting tool. Improve " the diagonal between travel joins " strategy can ensure when to processing data, be used more downy, more those who be helpful for cutting tool is inclined to step pitch, prolong the life of cutting tool thereby. Still can optimize get the join way during cutting. This can realize rapid link movement, and move more more downy, consistent. This among them main good point depends on machine tool service life longer, total handling time is shorter. Impeller and leaf dish rough machining and underside treatment (special HyperMILL applies) mean each cutting tool between motion join more downy. This is applied to likewise " tangential and outspread " politic. This function makes impeller and leaf dish leading edge and tailing edge join more downy. Cutting tool is OK and direct from model antrum is tangential retreat a knife, the distance between calculative method is more adjacent at tailing edge. The in-house machine tool in the 2013 version of emulation CAM system emulates improvement in-house machine tool to still include a few to upgrade: · improved 3D purify and the performance during 4 axes collision is checked. This makes emulated structure more clear, the analysis is more simple. The measurement during · purify is emulated improved analytic flow finally. · rotating clamp provides those who ensure it is what collision examination includes from beginning to end most the interference outline outside (for example, through extending the clamping apparatus outside chuck) · is depended on " tailstock is placed " function, can undertake the hand is moved now or have collision examination and stable clear root to its. What offer in the HyperMILL 2013 that this is Open Mind merely is numerous and brand-new one part of the function, list one by one no longer in this special issue. CNC Milling