Crack machine tool workbench again greatly permanent be out of shape reach its to repair

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The workbench of double housing planer, planer-type milling machine reachs the flower disc of vertical lathe, in long-term use, because hoisting and outfit place what the reason such as workpiece and collision, knock causes to be touched, the surface layer that makes its hold clip range arises " cold make sclerosis " , cause internal stress to make workbench is out of shape consequently. Internal stress is little in the begining, of workbench self-prossessed can make its are on lathe bed unbend, be out of shape along with internal stress day increases gradually later, workbench is mid and raised, the two end of its slideway wear away badly, and intermediate part does not wear away or wear away rarely. Cold make what sclerotic layer causes workbench be out of shape, form concentrated hole site to come with the one side of armor plate of the knock that use weight principle of bent of corrective armor plate is same, consequently treatment is dropped cold make sclerotic layer, workbench can be out of shape to opposite way again (next graphs) . Foreign somebody undertook a few actual measurement work, its can induce as follows roughly as a result: 1. Workbench classics uses generation for a long time the surface is cold the raised value that after making sclerotic layer, causes (see figure above B) , h=0.

3 ~ 0.

8mm, bigger even; 2. After workbench is raised, slideway two end get unusual tatty length (see figure above B) L=0.

8 ~ 1.

5m (measure on the machine tool of working director 6m) ; 3. Dig goes cold after making sclerotic layer, workbench of two end flinch a value (see figure above C) , f=0.

2 ~ 0.

28mm (it is in workbench face 1.

84m × 6.

Measure on dig of 75m dragon door) ; F=0.

3mm (it is in workbench face 1.

12m × 4.

Measure on dig of 27m dragon door) . To the preliminary observation of certain machine tool, also achieved as similar as this photograph result. Accordingly, the use in lathe of double housing planer, planer-type milling machine, vertical and similar machine tool and in repairing the job, have following a few problems are notable: (1) to double housing planer, planer-type milling machine, large establish a car, after using a certain number of time, adjust without repairing use oneself tool carrier workbench on plane is small sparsely dig goes to, want to reduce the surface roughness of the face that hold clip and the precision that raise a machine tool with this. Do the bending that can cause workbench cover so, change the interface of slideway quickly to accumulate, raised the possibility that pressure of slideway unit area and slideway grind. (2) the slideway precision for repair double housing planer, planer-type milling machine, large workbench establishing a car, the craft order that uses normally is: Restore lathe bed above all (or base) the precision of slideway, repair workbench again (or flower disc) slideway (it is as chromatic as lathe bed slideway commonly grind blow) . Next, install a workbench, the feet that use stuff examines the osculatory case of slideway, use the tool carrier of machine tool oneself that is repaired to machine workbench surface finally, what take out workbench installs clip face to go up is uneven. Such doing not only all one's previous efforts wasted, and workbench is used below the condition of bending very do not freely. Repairing craft order reasonably is: Before aing string of 1 come off work makes a stand, what machine workbench face first is cold make sclerotic layer, cooperate to blow with the lathe bed slideway that restored precision again grind, next reload answers workbench, with the plane on workbench of finish machining of oneself tool carrier (the metal with paper-thin take out) , examine the osculatory case of slideway finally. (Should adopt between the operating period of these 3) machine tools prevent generation cold the step that makes sclerotic layer. For example, workpiece is not installed directly go up in workbench face, hold card however waiting to fill up iron high, and wait to fill up iron high to be able to press need at any time dig is cut. In addition, be in perpendicular the direction at workbench T chamfer, certain distance does every other the transverse chamfer with an a few deep millimeter, also deserve further consideration. CNC Milling