Laser Cutting new sharp weapon

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AMADA LC-F1NTAMADA from on 70 time end begins the century the production that devotes oneself to Laser Cutting machine and sale, had walked along 30 one's remaining years up to now, according to the information that the client feedbacks, AMADA rolls out more advanced Laser Cutting equipment ceaselessly. 2009 of Beijing " CIMT " on exhibition of China International machine tool, AMADA exhibited machine of LC-F1NT series Laser Cutting, after this also released this equipment in succession to local client in each district branch, got the client's favour. Be in harmony of LC-F1NTLaser Cutting machine was met more technologies, besides Laser Cutting respect, in respect of craft of Sheet Metal Fabrication also be in harmony was met new technology. About the characteristic of this equipment, will understand through the following: 3 axes of ◆ (X, y, z) system of drive of linear electric machinery. What the optical system of LC-F1NTLaser Cutting machine uses is " flight smooth path " , beam of light undertakes conductive through illuminator group, and the position that illuminator group installs is in mobile axis to go up, it is to assure a machine tool in high speed motion the stability of beam of light, use technology of advanced drive of linear electric machinery so, because the application of this technology is raising floating rate and acceleration (3G) while, return those who made sure beam of light transmits stability to rise. The oscillator with new-style ◆ . The oscillator that LC-F1NT uses is 4000W, improving quality of beam of light while, also raised the respondent sex of oscillator, response of dynamic to the laser in complex part treatment cut is more quick. Alterable lens controls ◆ double curvature, need not change cut lens. Between conventional treatment, as a result of the change of material ply, need is different anxious long lens will answer, so the operation personnel of Laser Cutting machine needs many time to undertake change and debugging the job, stem from the difference that operates personnel skill level, can bring about debug change time is abhorrent the difference with treatment character, use double curvature after alterable lens controls a technology, use lens of a cut only, can finish arrive from thin plate thick board all treatment, whole process does not need artificial control and interpose. ◆ nozzle changes automatically system. When treatment, as a result of the change of material ply, the nozzle that needs different requirements and different type will undertake machining, LC-F1NT machine tool has automatic nozzle to change system, all nozzle types in treatment are installed in the system, the system when moving can change automatically according to processing information, reduce changing time with this. ◆ machines monitoring function. Through monitoring the eye can is opposite treatment status undertakes tracking reaching feedback, the system undertakes handling again according to the unusual position of feedback, in addition thick board when treatment, the change of material ply is in " perforative " when exercise, the system can be lengthened automatically according to feedback information or shorten " perforative time " , do not need to affirm or be adjusted artificially. ◆ OVS (automatic origin makes good omissions system) . In Sheet Metal Fabrication the advantage of numerical control punching machine is treatment of poriferous treatment, processing, tap, the dominant position of laser beam machining is the treatment for complex form, large board treatment, how combine two kinds of advantages and improve efficiency, it is the task with new Sheet Metal Fabrication, traditional method is on Laser Cutting machine setting tool is mixed treat, but the addition that can bring cost, and the tool setting that the sort that processes a product increases to need to differ, efficiency is very low, AMADA uses OVS system (the position that affirms workpiece aperture or edge through CCD camera, NC undertakes the position makes good omissions will complete treatment. ) the treatment that can complete a part, do not need additional tool or treat will assist. CNC Milling