Leng Yacheng tap

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Denounce the tap system that has used for a long time inside fall course of study not to have new idea again today, the innovation in applying however makes we must pay close attention to it again. More and more industries need to be able to promote the solution of competition ability, accordingly must ceaseless restudy craft and product. Very much work needs to hang down new design is cut with rushing, shape, punch and extruding whorl replace mechanical technology. These changes make metal mechanical function gets rising to be obtained at the same time be mixed with inferior cost important efficiency. In the improvement of craft the FERG in the process provides the client's high quality cutting tool, and the pioneer that how wins innovation. Use use Leng Yacheng tap can improve treatment effectively and productivity improves in punch craft. Shape tap as workpiece one of measure can reduce follow-up operation, eliminate strike out process to cut bits mediumly, reduce the mistake in punch directly. Tap of Leng Yacheng form makes we can undertake with high speed grinding obtains tall productivity, reach range of its public errand continuously through extruding workpiece, well not the fiber of cut material. Tap of Leng Yacheng form reduced environmental cost, eliminated the cost of the depart that cut bits and lube. The tap product of FERG place research and development has tall productivity, security applicable the industrial application with those strict requirements. The industry now needs high quality tool not only, those who be worth reliance, tall productivity to still need an environment is efficient. The loss outside the specified number reduces in craft is tasted like oil, lubricate and clean product, need tap undertakes tap below the circumstance that lubricates the least and do not affect its to machine function. The use rolled steel that FERG develops expects, proper geometrical form and coating in order to assure tall productivity, although be below Yan Ke's operating mode. FERG offers a client to listen to some technologies and manpower support to obtain optimal solution in order to help a client to decrease, optimize and ameliorate industry and environmental cost. Suit the tap of Leng Yacheng form of all whorl: M, MF, g standard and coating applicably all operating mode: T-171A, a-171A, s-171A, h-17lA. Knife of iron of use hard alloy enters milling of interpolation-line type whorl nowadays, the development of modern degree of industry and metallurgy domain does not have commonplace doubt. Cutting tool and the challenge of the modern convenience to providing innovation most and craft. Everyday, administrator of production manager, factory and operation employee should try hard to make more be mixed more quickly the product with higher quality reduces production cost. FFRG offers hard alloy milling cutter inside milling of the whorl that insert type will conduce to and challenge daily to these. Choice of much more phyletic whorl milling cutter can offer a client best the thread machining solution with the advanced technique, apply to the material of all types, aperture and workpiece. BGF of small grain of milling cutter of whorl of integral hard alloy: Interpolation machines bore, cant and whorl. GSF of small grain of milling cutter of hard alloy whorl: Machine the whorl of a variety of different measurement. GSFM of small grain of milling cutter of hard alloy whorl: Type is inserted to machine oblique plane and whorl inside. In ceaseless improvement and the process that reduce production cost, FERG is offerred high quality, be comprised by particle of tiny hard alloy and have figure of special design geometry, suit thread machining. Research, innovation and experience make FERG is had precede on the market and quick whorl solution. Use on CNC machine tool inside outside inserting type whorl milling cutter to have a variety of actor: Because can undertake high speed and big feed thread machining,reduce handling time effectively. Reduce the stock that holds the clip, time that change a knife and cutting tool. The finished cost that reduces the aperture that machines difficulty, complex length workpiece or Bao Bi workpiece. A variety of functions are in conformity to be able to undertake the knife bore, pour horn and thread machining to reduce handling time to improve productivity. The whorl that makes machine has fast face bright and clean spend and exact size. Besides offerring a standard to design, also need to provide the cutting tool of special application circumstance according to the client. The tap of sclerotic steel and temper steel accompanies the ceaseless innovation of material and workmanship, of material soft hard also appeared two polarization. Although the classification of material always is not complete and the explanation that differs only. Material of a lot of kinds of steel undertakes machining or punch, strong cut into parts and cold pressure shape, these material have mind normally at the 350 intensity to 850N/mm2. The 2nd kind of steel is by the material that handles through sclerosis originally, tensile strength is 1, 000 to 1, 300NN/mm2. The 3rd kind is hardness is the 40 rolled steel to 55Hrc classics heat treatment, it is sometimes 53 to 63Hrc, use tap craft shapes or rectify model. More and more workpiece treatment postheat handle personal classics to be machined material heat treatment is replaced, as a result of,this is can the data with machining and very hard tap ensures workpiece, mould or shape model and the effect that does not suffer follow-up processing. Offer a variety of tap to the tap FERG of sclerotic rolled steel: VG series: Applicable temper steel and fireproof steel, intensity amounts to 1000N/mm2. HR series: Steel of temper of applicable high strenth and fireproof steel, intensity uprights at 1, 000 with 1, between 300N/mm2. HR+ series: Hardness of applicable temper steel is 40 to 55Hrc and common steel from 53 to 63Hrc. The cutting tool of these different set uses 765A at many industries: Aviation, car, surgical medical treatment, wind- driven dynamo, figuration and strong tool set are provided, plastic pattern is provided, engine and turbine. The standard type design of FERG can be enclothed most large-scale tap machines demand, be aimed at a client specific application, can offer a client custom-built the product that turn satisfies requirement. CNC Milling