One prow of Inner Mongolia achieves hollow sucker rod

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Recently, branch of northwest of group of nova of the petrifaction in the course is right the first rigid group of Chinese enginery Inner Mongolia the card of " earth " of company new research and development is hollow sucker rod is close after use of a year, signed contract of the first hollow sucker rod formally, indicate hollow sucker rod develops a domestic initiate to succeed and gain market favour. In the meantime, the development success fill of this product the blank that hollow sucker rod produces domestic stuff extra high strength. In recent years, our country already the 3 highland in the crude reserves of ascertain are oily (contain candle crude oil, tall viscosity crude oil Gao Ning crude oil, high namely) have quite large proportion, exploitation scale increases ceaselessly, the market demand of hollow sucker rod is bigger and bigger also. But at present, manufacturer of very much hollow sucker rod basically used home to solder model the conventional technology means of hollow sucker rod has production, created the current situation with the high rate that stop staff thereby. To promote the market competitive capability further, solve the design bottleneck of conventional technology, bold innovation of company of machinery of oil of one aircraft group, the tradition solder model produce hollow sucker rod to produce forge of Dui of means instead whole hollow sucker rod. Content of this product technology difficulty of tall, treatment is big, overall performance characteristics is good, solved well solder model all sorts of blemish of hollow sucker rod, initiated home the beginning of this kind of sucker rod. Current, the company already had productivity of batch of integral Dui forge hollow sucker rod. CNC Milling