Rotate supersonic treatment is fiber-optic and prefab strong prestressing force is deep aperture

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Summary: Panda protect polarizing fine (PANDA PMF) because performance is superior and get applied extensively, dan Jiguang fine is prefab strong prestressing force is deep the treatment of aperture is the difficulty in fiber-optic production process all the time. To prevent conventional prestressing force aperture machines the blemish in means, the treatment device that this literary grace develops with proper motion undertakes contact rotates is not supersonic treatment, had comparative test. The deep hole that designed 3 groups of fiber-optic and prefab clubs in all machines an experiment, got relatively the treatment program of actor, realized a diameter finally 8.

The prestressing force deep aperture of 250 Mm of 3 Mm, deepness is machined. Keyword: ? ? of Pi of  of F of acenaphthene ㄐ disclose rotates deep Kong Sui of fiber-optic and prefab marvellous; wears supersonic treatment; fiber-optic the ceaseless development of the application that waits for a domain in military affairs, medical treatment, electron, communication and research, fiber-optic technology got rapid progress, mix to phasic modulation stage by stage from extent modulation voice modulation develops the polarization. Common Chan Moguang fine has attenuation the good point with low, high bandwidth. But because creating the structural asymmetry of the generation in the process quality, fiber-optic existence asks for leftover stress originally, and when using, get inevitably the action of exterior stress, accordingly this is planted fiber-optic the blemish of accurate output existence to light-wave polarization condition, do not apply to fiber-optic gyro, fiber-optic polarization implement the fiber-optic sensor that waits for high accuracy. Protect polarizing fine (Polarization Maintaining Fiber, because PMF) can control a polarization accurately voice light-wave output, have taller confidential sex and get consider and applied. Protect variously in sort polarizing in fine, panda protect polarizing fine (because PANDA PMF) has superior optical performance and be favorred by the user. But panda protect slant fiber-optic preparation, especially its are fiber-optic and prefab marvellous preparation is a difficult problem all the time, among them a crucial technology is prefab strong prestressing force the treatment of deep aperture. The linearity of aperture, inside symmetry of the exterior surface roughness of aperture, two aperture can is opposite the panda that after pulling silk, gets protect slant fiber-optic function produces immediate effect. The treatment of prestressing force aperture basically uses a traditional material to get treatment way at present. This kind of means has whirligig of a cutting tool only, to can assure fixed cutting rate, often need cutting tool to there is higher rotate speed in machining a process. But because cutting tool is rigid poor, rotate speed is exorbitant and easy of the error that causes bore direction and broach end ministry swing, make the radius of bore increases, the quality of aperture drops greatly. In addition, a traditional makings treatment efficiency is low, need many time ability to complete the treatment of aperture, of cutting tool wear away very serious also. Rotate supersonic treatment is a kind of when process hard fragile data important step, have treatment effect to lead force of tall, cutting small, heat in metal cutting surface of little, workpiece / inferior exterior loss is small wait for an advantage. The blame contact that the article uses proper motion research and development rotates supersonic treatment device, designed 3 groups to be aimed at vycor fiber-optic and prefab strong prestressing force is deep the treatment test of aperture, aim to analyse rotate the advantage of supersonic treatment, raise prestressing force aperture to machine efficiency. Principle of 1, treatment and experimental device   1.

1 treatment principle rotates supersonic treatment principle is shown 1 times like the graph, while cutting tool is rotating, was brought to bear on on axial a high frequency vibration, make the ground contacts cutting tool and workpiece intermittence thereby, cutting fluid is entered more easily, refrigeration is more sufficient, at the same time also benefit the eduction at cutting bits. Graph 1 rotate of signal of report of supersonic treatment principle transmitting is to rotate a crucial question that ultrasonic device realizes, basically have two kinds of transmission kind: Contact and blame contact. Contact electric energy carries means to use brush to transmit supersonic signal commonly. Because turn and dormant an electric conduction between come true through contacting means, attrition is very so serious, the rotate speed of cutting tool is restricted, and easy generation strike a light, accumulate the safe problem such as carbon. The electric energy that is not contact transmitted means to solve these problems well, its principle is shown 2 times like the graph, supersonic power source conveys supersonic signal to launch end, emissive end passes inductive means to transport energy sink, press electric pottery and porcelain to produce vibration below the drive of supersonic signal with sink photograph connective, by luffing lever enlarge hind drives cutting tool, realize the supersonic vibration of cutting tool. Graph electric energy of 2 blame contact transmits principle   1.

2 experiments device is based on afore-mentioned principle research and development blame contact rotates supersonic treatment facilities, undertake gyral to fiber-optic and prefab club experiment of supersonic and auxiliary stiletto. Rotate supersonic treatment device is comprised by lever of ultrasonic power source, transducer, luffing and cutting tool. Because machine the dimension of cutting tool to will affect syntonic frequency of the system directly, here used the ultrasonic power source of alterable frequency and amplitude, make sure supersonic and auxiliary treatment always can achieve best result thereby. Experimental device is shown 3 times like the graph, normally of fiber-optic and prefab club outside round face is done more well and truly, the opening that gives to assure to machine here has taller linearity and parallelism, outside using what 3 ungual chuck clip prefab club, round face has fixed position. Graph   of 3 experiments device 2, experimental result and analysis rotate to compare what supersonic treatment means and tradition machine means is different, devised 3 groups of comparative tests, if experimental parameter expresses 1 to show. Express parameter of 3 groups of 1 experiments 2.

One experiment uses 1 test conventional treatment means, when treatment controls deepness to 60 Mm, cutting tool color is erubescent, show temperature is apparently elevatory. After stopping to machine, the diamond grain that discovers cutting tool front has fallen off, and the quartz that central aperture has been melted is blocked up dead, if the graph is shown 4 times, the prestressing force opening that treatment gives has apparent collapse side (the largest part 1.

2 Mm) and horn mouth phenomenon. Graph because cutting tool cantilever is longer,the aperture inside 4 cutting tool is blocked up dead by fiber-optic material, the tigidity of cutting tool is poor, when just cutting work meeting generation compares big wallop, bring about cutting tool to slant place, produce the phenomenon of collapse edge very easily. In machining a process cutting tool and the core axis that cover makings treatment to go out are contacted from beginning to end, oppressive core axis makes its rupture to jam thereby the aperture inside cutting tool, prevented cooling fluid pour out of, reduced cooling effect significantly, cutting area temperature is remarkable and elevatory, cause grind bead to fall off, core axis temperature is elevatory and fused, block the aperture inside cutting tool up dead. 2.

2 experiments 2 experiments 2 use blame contact to rotate supersonic treatment means, just entered work in cutting tool from time to tome clear sound, flatten of the sound when entering 4 Mm to control is firm. Core axis did not appear to rupture after treatment ends jam inside Kong Dao causes cooling fluid cannot the phenomenon of eduction. Entry point did not appear by the side of apparent collapse. If the graph is shown 5 times,cover the core axis that expects treatment goes out. Can see in core the axis carried a ministry to appear conic, its length is 3 Mm left and right sides about, be identical of this grating noise photograph that in the begining with treatment we hear. Analyse its reason, because treatment arbor is longer,be, circumgyrate precision and stiffness assure hard, just got into in cutting tool fiber-optic when knife head appeared to slant place, bring about core axis attenuate, aperture diameter greatens inside. Same phenomenon also appears in traditional treatment pattern. Be versed in in Kong Jia the author in the process discovers, after using supersonic and auxiliary treatment, on one hand cutting tool and contact of core axis intermittence, produced bigger acceleration on the other hand, core axis mill, avoided core axis effectively to rupture the treatment that bring about fails. Graph the core axis   that 5 treatment get 2.

3 experiments 3 experiments 3 use blame contact to rotate supersonic treatment means undertakes stiletto 2 times. First time stiletto uses the snickersnee that grows those who be 80 Mm to have tall circumgyrate precision and stiffness, cutting tool diameter still is 8.

3 Mm, rotate speed is 2 200r / Min. Be in fiber-optic on upright ministry, turn beforehand deeply the fixed position aperture of 10 Mm. Treatment sound is right now ringing. Treatment arrives book deepness regressive knife, change for the experiment 2 medium long cutting tool, cutting tool the feed speed with 15 Mm/min, with the rotate speed of 1 426 R/min shift arrives the position of hole depth 8 Mm, continue to machine with the rotate speed of 2 200 R/min to the end, the cutting tool in machining a process is ongoing and smooth. Did not discover an experiment after treatment ends 2 medium core axis attenuate and horn mouth phenomenon. By the treatment in front knowable, long knife slants when getting work place serious. Use snickersnee beforehand stiletto can avoid this one appearance effectively. After changing growing knife, before it is certain to arrived since bore beforehand restrain effect, restricted cutting tool slant place, so means of this kind of treatment can be in what horn mouth restrains on certain level to appear. In addition, as a result of inside the exterior quality of aperture is hard to measure quite, the core axis surface that comes out to treatment directly undertakes R A is metrical getting exterior surface roughness 0.

M of 8 μ . The article collects 3, epilogue to rotate with blame contact supersonic treatment device, had the test of labour of fiber-optic and prefab marvellous deep Kong Jia, pass the contrast of 3 groups of experiments, got relatively the treatment program of actor, realized a diameter finally 8.

The deep Kong Jia of 250 Mm of 3 Mm, deepness is versed in. Experimental result makes clear: Compare conventional grinding treatment, use rotate supersonic treatment can promote the eduction that bits cuts in deep aperture treatment effectively, medicinal powder hot effect is good, because this can improve treatment efficiency significantly, and the happening of collapse edge phenomenon can decrease on certain level, to panda model protect slant tool of deep Kong Jia of fiber-optic and prefab strong prestressing force has higher applied value. Origin: Instrument of Tianjin university nicety learns courtyard author with photoelectron project: Duan Wei, gong Hu, wang Yi, fang Fengzhou CNC Milling