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The company of DiSanto Technology of machine tool of 55 numerical control of interior of DiSanto Technology company is the medical treatment manufacturer that in CNC Machining the respect has good reputation one, its devote oneself to to help client implementation add material to create the dominant position of treatment from beginning to end. Vice president of DiSanto Technology company Mr Ronald Dunn is popularizing the confluence between its vertebra implement embedded content (graph 1) . The confluence between vertebra implement it is the spacer between photograph adjacent vertebra, in rachis operation hind and vertebral confluence are together. This component is by plastic (PEEK) or titanium alloy is made, use machine treatment means, close-grained and solid. Mr Dunn says: "This kind of new-style design is very good, because it has reseau, the patient's bone can ' progress goes ' , the body accepts this after embedded content, as the elapse of time, its adaptability can be improved ceaselessly. " the value that can oppugn this kind of progress to go without the person almost, it is the method that machine treatment did not establish system of this reseau geometry only. The reseau that we see here can do however, because it is not made with machine treatment method, come out through adding material to make production however. It is the electron beam melt that is in Arcam company (EBM) an one layer ground grows rise. Company of graph 1 DiSanto has opportunity of melt of two Arcam electron beam, when they move very quiet, company of the DiSanto in be being put in an office has such two machine tools now, the spot still provided the employee of an Arcam, increased the demand of medical treatment component and the capacity that increase material to make. DiSanto company knowledge adds material to make a method can have very large latent capacity to this kind, consequently it is trying hard outspread, the plan acquires again 4 Arcam machine tool. DiSanto company is to pursue machine treatment business all the time. About machine tool of 55 numerical control moves in workshop. Mr Dunn says, add material to make the use that will enlarge these machine tools. Because almost all the crucial detail that adds the medical treatment part that material makes needs a machine tool to assist treatment. Additional, according to operation requirement, the chance that increases material to make a lot of embedded content that come out have form a complete set machines package. Nextpage " however, because add what material makes to join, the company should plan afresh what component uses machine treatment. " Mr Dunn says, "The certain part of machine treatment can convert in the future today add material make production, after because be redesigned to become,having more muti_function form, can come true only through adding material to make (graph 1) . " the confluence between vertebra implement it is an example. DiSanto company is inchoate machine these confluence with the machine tool implement, such still now, but the engineers of the company saw add material to make can create a better design effect. Then this company produced prototype at one's own expenses, so that extend its concept to the client. Future, mr Dunn hope undertakes same improvement through the part that makes to using machine treatment at present, add the professional work that material makes in order to strive for. The challenge of the supplier make this kind of change just meet meantime. DiSanto company obverse side faces the challenge of many suppliers, and add material to make can clever ground answer. Among them a challenge involves the poriferous surface that machines bone confluence on embedded content. In the past, this kind of surface uses plasma spray to add, the origin of this coating already was bought by the competitor now. In the meantime, the payment that the cast supplier of DiSanto company already began to ask 15 days deadline. Below these two kinds of circumstances, add material to make can provide a help. Add material to make the most marvelous is to absolve forging. Handle of femur of coxa of material of embedded content titanium may have 20 kinds of different measure, need 20 kinds to forging differently mould, every kinds exceed 7000 dollars, and with add material to make, all tool cost are OK and economic come down. In fact, the typical product of number of 20 kinds of different spare partses is OK build according to needing to be inside same cycle piece, need a different component nest to be built in an EBM compose only in. Economic time is quite considerable. Because the past needs forging die, brand-new the delivery time that the coxa femur handle of the design needs at least 8 weeks, but with add material to make, be in 48h is OK finish (graph 2) . Graph 2 batch production will become a possibility in future, one adds material to make cycle can produce a these coxa femur powers, nest is built to this compose medium is many product not only, their dimension also each are not identical, in the past, the spare parts of every model needs to make forging die alone the advantage that these enough prove to development adds material to make. However, economic effect still is merely begin. Still have bigger gain to the client of DiSanto company, that adds material to make the design that brings them be spent freely namely. Now, the geometrical appearance of the bone confluence body that they can grasp accurately by him place undertakes designing, is not the form of random surface geometry that can accept plasma spray only. This kind of progress is tremendous. The most important in all advantages is: The embedded thing that adds material to make can produce better effect inside patient system. The reason with good effect still involves size control. The process of plasma spray is imprecise, the orthopaedics reamer that uses because of this operation can be used only super- big. Reamer has given big housing to spray in order to accommodate what dimension inaccuracy decides in the enlarge on bone part. Under photograph comparing, with add material to make can control geometrical condition, so the measure of reamer is OK and certain, accordingly, embedded content very can appropriate built-in bone. At this moment, the interface between embedded content and bone is very big, and spray with a few a few not just high point has a contact, the shirt-sleeve meeting of bone and embedded content is gotten quickly much. Metabolic Mr Dunn of machine treatment says, there also is distinct managing effect in CNC Machining respect. Embedded content still needs EBM surgery really machine treatment, but treatment measures minimum, because this component compares cast or forging,be close to final figure more. So, all is in the treatment that adds material to make a component go up is finish machining substantially. The concerned cost of rough machining is OK and economic, include time, material and cutting tool. Finish machining just also often compares simple cutting. Like coxa femur handle all through the ages of this kind of workpiece should use production of complex 5 axes machine tool. But the opportunity that 5 axes machine tool uses after Mr Dunn predicts DiSanto firm can be gotten less much. The production of fine husband EBM with geometrical complex form will be easier, it is OK also to add material to make build an additional details to workpiece, make treatment of the rest machine easier. For example, coxa femur handle is OK make stand of a protruding, secure for bench clamp is being used when milling, after treatment is finished, excise it again. Although have these managing, the machine treatment of DiSanto company is returned likelihood and add material to make growth one case. Because add material to make a spare parts need machine treatment,be not only, because add capable person,still make for other was created by the spare parts of machine treatment demand. DiSanto company still has may be the issue that makes alien open-eyed, that machines the favorable result that plastic place achieves namely. Coxa femur handle and knee joint the embedded content that wait is metallic ability pledges, but often contain plastic part, this also is the one part of embedded operation. For example embedded content matchs knee joint have regard as the plastic liner that cartilage uses. Through using all sorts of workpiece clamping apparatus and technology of cutting tool method, diSanto company had had a good command of produce these metalloid parts quickly. CNC Milling