Machine tool numerical control transforms main measure

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1. Those who transform program is affirmatory (1) machinery is repaired with electric transform photograph band. Generally speaking, need to undertake electric transformed machine tool, need to undertake machinery is repaired. Want to determine repaired requirement, limits and content; Because of,also should decide electric the requirement that transform and needs to undertake rigid structure is transformed and content; Even affirmatory and electric transform repair with machinery, transform the crisscross time requirement between. Of mechanical function in good condition it is electric the base that transforms a success. (2) first easy hind difficult, first local hind overall situation. When transforming measure certainly, should transform whole and electric part cent undertakes into a certain number of stature systems, after waiting for each system to shape basically again interconnection finishs whole system to work. In every subsystem job, should do first technical inferior, the job with bigger workload, do next technical tall, the work with careful requirement, make the person's attention can center crucial place. (3) selects a system according to use condition. Be aimed at the environment that transforms an object to decide it and condition, of electrical system of this pair of selections defend, interference rejection, filter from refrigeration and air wait for function to be able to provide correct basis. Mature product still must consider when electrical system chooses, their function should reasonable and practical, spare parts can offer maintenance support, function to be able to be satisfied mix currently a certain number of development inside year will ask to wait henceforth. (4) is fulfilled share transformed personnel and responsibility. (5) transforms limits and cycle to be decided really. 2. Transformed technology prepares (1) machinery prepares partly. To cooperate electric transformed mechanical overhaul works should in advance is finished. Tear open to needing at the same time, the part that change and machines should plan beforehand, should with whole transform the job to join proper. (Electric data digests 2) new system. (The changeover of interface of new old system designs 3) . Transform limits to differ according to every equipment, need to design interface part changeover beforehand, be like what transform entirely, should design Electromechanical to change position of measurement point of contact of part of control of face plate of interface, operation and configuration, interconnection, parameter, maintenance to wait. Requirement operation and maintenance are convenient trend of reasonable, circuitry is clear and coherent, medium small join dot loses less, by force report disturbs the smallest, stock proper abundant quantity. Local transform, the property that still needs to consider new old system matchs, changeover of position of voltage polarity and size commutation, installation, digital-to-analogue, need to make changeover interface by oneself when necessary. (The technology of 4) operation and process designing personnel grooms. Groom content should include implication of the configuration of operation face plate with new ① , function, directive commonly; The functional limits of ② new system, use method reachs the difference with old system; Requirement of ③ care and maintenance; Standard of ④ process designing and automation process designing. The key is to do understand, comprehend operation manual and process designing manual. (5) is debugged measure is as certain as what check and accept a standard. Debug the job to should be undertaken by project controller, other personnel cooperates. Debug measure to be able to conform to the principle of simplicity numerous, arrive as a child big, from outside to in undertake, also but first local hind overall situation, the system is rectified to undertake after subsystem first. Check and accept a standard make must be practical and realistic, exorbitant or too low level is met negative to transforming the job to arise effect. 3. Transform carry out (of 1) primary machine tool maintain in the round. After classics of primary machine tool is used for a long time, need undertakes maintaining in the round. Next, answer a machine tool to make the geometrical precision before changing, dimension precision measure, and on record. Can have directive and referenced effect to transforming the job already so, can make comparative analysis use when transforming an end again. (The electric part maximize that 2) withholds is adjusted. If be made to electrical system local transform, answer reservation electric part undertakes maximize is adjusted maintaining mixing, if the spare parts of strong report part changes, of electric machinery maintain, of the cleanness of the stoving insulation of transformer, pollution, ventilated cooling device clean, the maximize of servo actuating device is adjusted, the newer, join of ageing wire cable close solid. Had done meticulous maximize to adjust to the electric part of reservation only, the machine tool after ability assures to transform has inferior fault rate. (3) primary system is demolished. Of primary system demolish must contrast former blueprint undertakes carefully, number is made in time on blueprint, prevent to omit or be torn open too. Also can discover in the process that tear open a few new systems design medium defective part, should seasonable complement and amend. Tear open the system below to want appropriate to keep, in order to have in case when transforming a success, restore to use. Still have fair use value, can make spare parts. (Position of new system of 4) reasonable arrangement reachs wiring. The job that connect a line must divide the work clear, one person checks examine, do not have even means of line technology standard, line suitably, correctly in order to ensure by accident, reliable and beautiful. (5) is debugged. Debug must undertake by the move that defines beforehand and requirement. Sensitivity of safe protection system tries above all in debugging, prevent person and equipment accident to happen. Debug the spot to must clear clean; Each motion coordinate procrastinates board be in position of total travel center; Can carry a test for nothing, the to load after carrying for nothing first; Can of imitating test, first the fact after imitate is moved; Hotshot moves, after on the offensive is moved automatic. 4. Check and accept reach later period to work (function of machinery of 1) machine tool is checked and accept. Each mechanical function of the machine tool should achieve a requirement, geometrical precision should be inside formulary limits. (Function of 2) electric control and control precision are checked and accept. Each function must achieve electric pilot the action is acute and normal, credible. The function that controls itself of precision application system (if the pace enters dimension to wait) with standard metrological implement (wait like measuring instrument of laser interferometer, coordinate) contrast examination, reach precision range in. Still answer to make contrast with each function of the machine tool before transforming and precision at the same time, obtain quantified index difference. (Cutting of 3) test specimen is checked and accept. Can consult to concern standard of test specimen of cutting of numerical control machine tool domestic and internationally, next undertaking trying cutting cooperate in personnel of qualified jockey, process designing. Test specimen cutting can check and accept contrail of force of machine tool stiffness, cutting, noise, motion, related action to wait, should not be commonly use product part to make test specimen use. (4) blueprint, data is checked and accept. After the machine tool is transformed, should seasonable blueprint, data, transform archives pool, arrange, deliver file. Of this pair of this equipment it is very important that stability will move henceforth. (5) summary, rise. CNC Milling