Brand-new liquid cutting tool

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Machine efficiency through offerring comprehensive solution to help a client rise, raise the investment redound that produces equipment, reduce integrated cost. Regard cutting fluid as this one revolutionary act of the industry, of Ba Suo " liquid cutting tool " the strategy has begun to be carried out extensively in the whole world, obtained remarkable result. The Ba Suorui that having 70 old histories person lubricating fluid limited company (the following abbreviation " Ba Suo " ) , put forward brand-new " liquid cutting tool " the strategy. The real intention of this one strategy is: Ba Suo is the maker of cutting liquid product not just, it is the offer person of comprehensive solution more; Element of this 3 big competition combines will superior product, excellent service and professional qualified personnel adequately rise, form core value of Ba Suo, bring production company value of this one core, be more than the higher value of cutting fluid value to make company creation go out. Integrated production cost is in traditional point of view, cutting fluid is regarded to be pure use up material, and to using up material, people often is met the cost that try every means goes to compressing it, lower its price. In fact, in the total cost that machines in the metal, cutting fluid is occupied only 1% , and cutting tool cost is occupied about 10% , the machine tool is occupied 60% much. Even if the price cutting fluid the horizontal depress from now or rise 50% , so its also have 0 only to the influence of total cost.

5% the left and right sides, so to creating a company, the price of cutting fluid is not the main factor that is influence production cost, the latent capacity with spare cost also does not depend on the price of cutting fluid. Be in when production enterprise on machine tool and cutting tool after devoted and many capital, raising installation cost return rate will be to reduce the method with integrated cost the basiccest specified amount, it is next try to reduce cutting tool use up, reduce cutting tool cost. If can turn metallic cutting liquid into the investment that increases manufacturing efficiency, make become auxiliary implementation to raise the manufacturing efficiency, efficient way that reduces cutting tool loss, the integrated production to creating a company then cost produces positive distinct effect. Superior product is told to the use of metallic cutting fluid, on the increases strategy to must put the emphasis in time promotion that manufactures efficiency, "Faster, more abiding " . Faster it is to point to bigger feed, deeper cutting deepness and better workpiece appearance (reduce 2 class to machine processing to throw) , reduce treatment and working hours, realize bigger crop; More abiding it is to show more lasting stability uses cycle, more reliable treatment function, fewer percent defective, machine down time and arrange processing fee. The product of liquid of Blasocut series cutting that place of production company of car and component chooses extensively, from the design development of concept, research, raw material is chosen match, automation production all is in world banner level to quality performance, have the following exceedingly good character: 1.

Exceed cutting of strong lubricant Blasocut fluid general mineral oil, extremely the characteristic market that controls additive and polarity additive at a suit, its peculiar structure makes its are in in machine treatment process below all sorts of temperature change, all can mix in cutting tool, workpiece cut lubricating film is formed between bits, can ensure permeate cutting dot to go up, reduce coefficient of friction, reduce quantity of heat to generate, prolong cutting tool service life, improve workpiece surface quality. 2.

Exceed fluid of cutting of strong stable Blasocut to have distinctive manage is changed and biochemistry stabilizes character for a long time. Self-regulation of hardness of small emulsification structure and the physico-chemical stability that fight the ability that waste oil to make sure high pressure falls; Buy PH is worth stabilizing agent to assure abiding optimal value inside, because PH is worth the problem such as the corrosion of metals that metabolic place causes, smell,decreased; And the biology health that distinctive microbial balance technology makes the product is in stability from beginning to end and need not any antiseptic. 3.

Fluid of cutting of current performance Blasocut has very good current performance, can use extensively at alloy of aluminium alloy, steel, cast-iron, titanium to mix plastic the machining that waits for all sorts of material; Apply to car, mill, auger, all sorts of machining forms such as bore with a reamer and thread machining and grinding treatment, all can achieve high grade appearance bright and clean degree; But greatly because bring down user is aimed at different treatment to material reachs different treatment form and choose the government that a variety of brand place produce cost. 4.

Safeguard easily need not develop the professional instrument device such as the bacterium, need not use any additive. Filter except bits, purify useless oil and maintaining chroma is the requirement that upholds daily. 5.

Course of fluid of cutting of Blasocut of life of train in excess specified length is used for long, also won't reduce its original quality, the service life of itself is extremely long, can accomplish basically in safeguard correctly fall to need to add only, need not change. Outside the general and safe operating rules that cutting fluid and health should notice besides handlers, how can ability make cutting fluid has safeguard more in health and safe respect? Because handlers wants to be contacted for a long time directly with cooling fluid, accordingly, people must realize truly, what did not mutate is potential and the adaptability of avirulent, good skin and eye, dangerous, it is the criterion that cutting fluid must stand fast for a long time. Fluid of use Blasocut cutting and the cost contrast that use common cutting liquid make former unripe bacterium more comfortable at living. The research conclusion of wholesome academy has proved Hai Debao, although be not used any antiseptic is chemical perhaps medicaments, normal zoology environment can be restrained and eliminate bacteria breed. The client got clear result from inside our cutting fluid. Harmful to health part just is not being contained in the raw material of cutting fluid is insufficient, because be in the whole cycle of run of cutting fluid, still can get much ab extra adverse effect. As natural as some of water Central Plains bacterium group with some of water Central Plains hardness works side-by-side together, basuotong passes " the natural harmless bacterium that takes very preponderance measure group " will control cutting fluid, made maintenance is balanced naturally. Oneself of Ba Suo product does not contain a bacterium absolutely, in mixing the course that match with water, come from water Central Plains the microbial belt that exists like that to enter, this is by embedded the harmless bacterium in cutting fluid group. Fluid of Ba Suo cutting can create to be helpful for these harmless bacterium group live environment, what through them opposite puts a space is occupational will control harmful bacterium group live. The raw material gift that only the course chooses meticulously gives primitive bacterium in emulsion group provide the environment of perfect modes of life and relation to their environment that can hold dominant position. Ba Suo is in in the past 30 old in had scored gain of much research technology inside this one domain. Come so, need of the both neither in whole process also does not allow to use antiseptic, antiseptic and PH to adjust the other and chemical additive such as the agent, do not contain the harmful material such as nitrite absolutely. This is meant, in prolong life of cutting fluid oneself while, also assured the safety of handlers and environment. Excellent service stability and upholding charge also is a substantial that computation always produces cost for a long time. "Replace in order to safeguard discharge " concept, also will conduce to help client reducing cost. The client won't establish a chemical laboratory technically to monitor cutting fluid. Ba Suo's user needs to pass plain PH test paper to the soda acid that monitor is worth and use a handy hand only hold type refraction appearance will monitor chroma can. Current, ba Suo had built perfect client to serve a network, professional working personnel is OK the technical support that nearby provides client major and service. The client gets sufficient basic service over there the staff member from Ba Suo not only, the personnel that its specialization still carries out individuation to join key project for the client, let a client enjoy the rise in value that promotes value to serve. Look in Ba Suo, "Liquid cutting tool " reaching what cutting fluid manufacturer offers is not a product only, should be a comprehensive solution more. This is meant need integrated balance each respects, raise cutting parameter for example, reduce cutting tool to use up, prevent a machine tool rustily, improve workpiece quality, reduce maintain cost, tutelar system safety and reduce an environment pollution, provide significant measure for the user. CNC Milling