Drive of red accept conspicuous rolls out slippery course of fixed position of new fund THOMSON MS46

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Recently, the provider of athletic control solution with banner whole world -- drive of red accept conspicuous (Danaher Motion) the company rolls out slippery course of fixed position of Thomson MS46 series, this product is current what provide cost effectiveness most is general modular fixed position slippery course. Other is congener the coasting distance of the product is fixed, and MS46 has a variety of length, the user can design a machine according to using requirement, do not accept the restriction of component dimension or function. Slippery course of Thomson MS46 fixed position by weight light and very durable aluminous material is made, it is the good choice of axis of the driven when much axis is assembled, can reduce the weight of whole exercise system lowest, make use volume thereby the electric machinery with smaller, lower price becomes a possibility. Light-duty structure still conduces to the gross weight that reduces group furnish equipment. This product can be offerred be as long as 1634mm (64 In) the journey, at the same time load achieves 330N (74 Lbf) , suit to be used at the science of factory automation, life, processing of small load in pack and be opposite in semiconductor application very much. It is OK that Thomson MS46 locates slippery course is returned beforehand guide screw of to load ball, guide screw and leather belt drive are carried out point-blank implement etc. Ball guide screw has 5mm and 10mm lead optional, can use at the application of long-term burden. Guide screw cent is 3mm, 10mm and 25mm lead, special apply to motion smooth, with apply the brake of blame independence power source perpendicular lade. Leather belt drive is carried out point-blank implement can come true to grow the coasting distance of one times than ball guide screw and guide screw, increase for torsion and inertial match the decelerate of Micron NemaTrue 23 that provides 3 standards to compare (31, 5:1With 10:1) , the machine function that makes high speed moves is achieved best. Thomson MS46 locates slippery course accords with the level of system of Thomson Piloted RediMount of innovation. This system can be drive of conspicuous of all red accept or tripartite electric machinery to offer simple, fast, cheap installation, it already included necessary flange dish shaft coupling and moire canal shaft coupling, client need not electric machinery adapter. About system of Thomson Piloted RediMount more information, consult please Http://www.



Html. Slippery course of Thomson MS46 fixed position also accords with the Thomson RoundRail that moves firmly, accurately point-blank with Yu Ping level of system of high-powered linear bearing. Its U with double track the design offerred the biggest stiffness. 4 globose bushing were offerred fight the normal with attrition slippery conspicuous course and ability of transient state load smoothly. In addition, still offerred a lot of function to enhance option, the adscititious cap that internal system of MS46 of the sensor of journey terminal limitation of the dependability that includes to be able to add a system and life, protection avoids mobile component to harm a worker, and device of apply the brake of the power source on the axis that for ball component of guide screw and leather belt drive offers extra insurance layer. CNC Milling