Technology of ELID mirror grinding: The development of new grinding fluid

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Summary: According to the characteristic of ELID grinding and requirement, wait for the scale of composition through adjusting inorganic salt, additive, found out the impact that passivation film function and grinding fluid part make in ELID grinding, development goes the ELID grinding fluid with new-style better performance. The grinding liquid that uses in ELID grinding should have the property of common grinding fluid already, should serve as emery wheel again at the same time online electroanalysis Xiu Rui's electrolyte is used. The article is on the foundation of original grinding fluid, through adjusting chemical composition, development goes fluid of a kind of new-style grinding. The ELID grinding test that has through be on average grinding machine makes clear, performance of this grinding fluid is good, and small to environmental pollution. The develops ELID grinding fluid property of fluid of grinding of 1 new-style ELID includes following a few fields: Regard grinding as fluid, should have cooling sex, lubricity, permeate and clean reach antirust capacity: As electrolyte, should have the capacity of the blame conductor film that be formed timelily in emery wheel surface and keeps proper ply, control reasonably electroanalysis speed, implementation exceeds the result of good Xiu Rui of imperceptible granuality emery wheel. According to afore-mentioned requirements, with fluid of grinding of original HDMY-10 ELID as reference, according to electrochemistry theory, undertake improvement to HDMY-10 grinding fluid. The experiment makes clear, HDMY-10 grinding fluid can satisfy certain ELID grinding to use an occasion, but its online electroanalysis action is too strong, make emery wheel bond produces effect of more powerful zincous and deliquescent purify, lowered emery wheel life, this basically is the passivation film that makes as a result of fluid of this kind of grinding compact sex is bad, insulation effect not beautiful causes. Ⅰ of fluid of grinding of project of the bases of fluid of 3 kinds of grinding and function contrast watch (common) grinding fluid Ⅱ (Ⅲ of HDMY-10) grinding fluid (HDMY-20) bases (weight %) inferior sodium nitrate hydrogen of 6 phosphoric acid 2 natrium 1.


1 ~ 1.


1 ~ 1.

5 borax 1.


4 ~ 0.


4 ~ 0.

5 third 3 alcohol 0.


Salt of 1 weak base 0.


4 ~ 0.

6 other additive (3 kinds) 0.

02 ~ 0.

Exterior of 1 main function is colorless and transparent transparent PH is worth green of colorless and transparent Dan Chen 99.


5 rust-preventing characteristic 8h are cast-iron without rustily 8h cast-iron without rustily 8h cast-iron without rustily embellish ° of wet horn Q() 592423 cooling sexes (make workpiece cools from 300 ℃ the time of 100 ℃ ) (S)647611558 lubricity is general relatively well current density (A/cm2) is noted 3.



Ply of 29 passivation film (Mm) is not had 0.


14 note: Electroanalysis afore-mentioned defect that the current density after proper time is aimed at HDMY-10 grinding fluid, we make up a HDMY-20 of new-style ELID grinding fluid model, part with HDMY-10 model reach common model grinding fluid undertakes comparative, if what right watch shows. The osmosis that we evaluate grinding fluid in the watch with embellish wet horn and clean ability, embellish wet part is smaller, the osmosis of grinding fluid and clean action stronger. The measurement of embellish wet horn uses the firm drop method that goes easily simply, take shape with minim namely implement will foregone bulk (the surface of solid of one droplet park of V) , reoccupy tool microscope measures a droplet the biggest sectional diameter (2r) , computation [V/(2r)3] value, be opposite with V [V/(2r)3] constructive extrapolate is to bulk 0, beg piece [V/(2r)3]V → the value of 0, investigate benefit next wet horn and [102 relations express 0 × of V/(2r)3]V → , get Q of embellish wet horn is worth. Function of grinding fluid refrigeration is through measuring different grinding fluid makes the time that from temperature 300 ℃ fall to be cost to 100 ℃ place comes same test specimen of assess. 2 grinding fluid is qualitative the analyses grinding fluid qualitative character of character and influencing factor: Cooling sex, lubricity, permeate and clean reach rust-preventing characteristic, it is the main factor that affects performance of grinding fluid grinding directly. From inside fluid of 3 kinds of grinding is seen in the watch Ⅱ , Ⅲ all has minor embellish wet part, accordingly their permeate, clean ability relatively Ⅰ is ambitious. Among them Ⅲ of new-style grinding fluid is the strongest, because the part such as exterior activator and phosphate added in Ⅲ ,this is, its action is the embellish wet role that reduces water radical solution effectively, the osmosis that raised grinding fluid thereby and clean ability. In cooling sex respect, Ⅲ embellish wet part is the smallest, its cooling sex is so best. Additional, inorganic salt is very effective to destroying the gas film of workpiece surface, reason can raise the cooling sex of grinding fluid. Before the composition of inorganic salt in Ⅲ of new-style grinding fluid and content are compared 2 kinds much, the cooling sex of Ⅲ is accordingly good. In lubricant respect, because a few water-solubility were added in Ⅲ grinding fluid,lubricate additive, make the lubricity of grinding fluid gets bigger rise. Although the addition of lubricity is right,wetability and cooling sex have certain effect, but the loss is not big, the cooling sex that adds grinding fluid Ⅲ and wetability itself are very good, did not change apparently so. In antirust respect, fluid of 3 kinds of grinding can make sure cast-iron 8h is not had rustily, but the antirust capability of Ⅲ is the strongest, because the additive in grinding fluid Ⅲ is antirust,this is ability relatively the strong cause in Ⅰ , Ⅱ . In environmental protection respect, because cancelled harmful to human body inferior the composition such as sodium nitrate, make the noxiousness of grinding fluid Ⅱ , Ⅲ relatively Ⅰ greatly abate. Those who choose used weak base salt is alkalescent in Ⅲ of fluid of together with grinding in comparing Ⅱ even small, the noxiousness of grinding fluid Ⅲ is the accordingly smallest. Different grinding fluid electroanalysises the influencing factor of conductivity of 3 grinding fluid reachs graph of voltaic change character the analysis because the composition of fluid of 3 kinds of grinding is different, electroanalysis the generated conductivity that is not conductor film, compact sex, ply differs somewhat, the current density that causes grinding fluid and electroanalysis the difference of nap character, following place are shown. Can see from inside the graph, when beginning to electroanalysis, the current density of fluid of 3 kinds of grinding is bigger, as electroanalysis the growth of time, the current density of grinding fluid Ⅰ is changeless, and of grinding fluid Ⅱ , Ⅲ electroanalysis electric lumen shows decrescent. Because this can conclude: Ⅱ of ELID grinding fluid, Ⅲ electroanalysises than common grinding fluid the quantity is little, HDMY-20 compares HDMY-10 electroanalysis the quantity is even little. Because electroanalysis,this basically is in the process, the grinding fluid of different composition, the blame conductor that built different property is filmy. Ⅰ of common grinding fluid is generated without film almost, because this electroanalysises electric current is very big, electroanalysis the amount is the largest: The film that Ⅲ of ELID grinding fluid forms relatively of Ⅱ want apparently thick, compact sex is good, to electroanalysising the inhibition of the process capability is stronger, because this electroanalysises the amount is the smallest, can save the loss of emery wheel. The metabolic curve of the current density when electroanalysising is to measure ELID grinding place to use the main index of grinding fluid and emery wheel function, ask current density is big in the begining, in electroanalysis film of passivation of the generation in the process makes electroanalysis electric current is reduced apparently, assured the good Xiu Rui of emery wheel already so, saved the loss of emery wheel again. Effect of 4 actual application uses Ⅲ of afore-mentioned new-style grinding fluid, fit of grinding of face of the Kong Jing inside the ELID nicety that uses proper motion development is right of SiC pottery and porcelain and hob of high-speed steel gear inside aperture undertakes nicety machines an experiment, treatment surface surface roughness can achieve Ra0.

19 ~ 0.

023µm. The grinding function of fluid of HDMY-20 ELID grinding, electroanalysis the character that build fighting spirit and antirust ability fluid of grinding of excel HDMY-10 ELID: In ELID grinding fluid, alkalescent and inorganic salt and chromate and halogen family deserve ionicly to compare those who deciding ELID grinding fluid to electroanalysis Xiu Rui is characteristic, adjust the matchs more different than can getting performance ELID grinding fluid between them appropriately according to certain proportion. CNC Milling