The orgnaization changing a knife of drive of independence of CNC Machining center

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Shift established the orgnaization changing a knife of pillar machining center to use alone dynamical actuating device, this kind of orgnaization that change a knife is set inside the area that reference axis of machine tool X covers, can avoid to changing workpiece of the accidentally injure when the knife. The process changing a knife of graph 1 XTS machining center is inside the range that reference axis of X of immanent machine tool covers the treatment space of the machine tool, decrease blame handling time and the cost that reduce auxiliary time, raise automation degree and utilization rate of equipment and installations, it is Axa design development and machine tool production company when machining center performance improvement raises pattern of Axa mobile pillar, develop the target that engineers raise to the design. The company still asks to be in the process that optimizes machine tool tigidity at the same time, raise the dynamic function of the machine tool and treatment precision, accelerate cutting tool to change the rate of the knife. The shift that is located in Schoeppingen area establishs the experts of pillar machining center, on the machining center that produces in research and development, design the athletic space of direction of X reference axis between 700 ~ 12000mm. The Axa machining center after performance improvement provided the cutting tool library that joins together with mobile pillar. This kind of cutting tool library that moves together as mobile pillar and double point to the manipulator that change a knife, can machine in machine tool cutting while preelection cutting tool, be helpful for shortening the time changing a knife of cutting tool. The orgnaization changing a knife of independent drive is opposite when shift establishs pillar machining center to undertake designing updating improvement, axa company used new design concept. What to realize machine tool trends function asks is ceaseless rise and of precision of machine tool treatment rise ceaselessly, the company used alone dynamical actuating device in the orgnaization that change a knife. What this kind of intelligence changes is automatic the orgnaization that change a knife, its electron controls system and mobile machine tool pillar to join cheek by jowl together, the working procedure of below one treatment that is treatment main shaft from beginning to end is ready a cutting tool. Be in necessary when, the orgnaization that change a knife undertakes in machining center main shaft cutting is machined while, move automatically to go up makings be versed in the cutting tool library of a place is in, take out the cutting tool that place of below main shaft one working procedure requires. Because omited,change the weight of knife orgnaization, add redesigned drive system, make the dynamic property that shift establishs pillar machining center and treatment precision got rising. Because the user accommodates the requirement of cutting tool amount to increase ceaselessly to cutting tool library, the engineers of Axa company research and development change newly model cutting tool library: Library of XTS cutting tool. In VHC shift establishs pillar machining center in, the library of chain cutting tool of XTS structure is located in on the side of the machine tool. The clamp manipulator that moves independently along X reference axis and Z reference axis provides the treatment cutting tool with cutting indispensible place for the main shaft of machining center. The manipulator that extremely high dynamic performance and intelligence change is controlled, can make below the circumstance that machine tool pillar moves in edge X reference axis also can accurate, apace undertakes the knife prepares changing. The cutting tool library that relies on closely to machine a machine tool allows to change in aleatoric time cutting tool, allow to change a knife inside the time of main shaft motor-driven. In XTS model in establishing pillar machining center with S shift, this kind of orgnaization that change a knife is complete inside the area that reference axis of machine tool X covers, but outside the cutting treatment area in cutting tool, can avoid to changing the outline of workpiece of the accidentally injure when the knife thereby. Change model the further patulous attempt of configuration 3 VPC55U machining center can finish treatment of cutting of large work pentahedral to be in dragon door type also has new improvement in machining center. It is for example in the circumgyrate head of VPC55U stepless interpolation, increased option and change model configuration. This kind of machining center is made according to bridge type construction. The athletic distance of equipment amounts to × 900mm of 2300mm × 1400mm, agree with treatment mould and tooling, also agree with the stereo work that processes 5 treatment face. Besides SK-50 circumgyrate head was used on VPC55U machining center beyond, also used SK40 circumgyrate head in VPC45U machining center, in the VPC45 of simple perpendicular treatment and VPC55 machining center, also deployed circumgyrate to machine a head. The rigid lathe bed of new research and development and RTA6 of newest workbench of circumgyrate of numerical control circle, make every workbench can machine these machining center the large work that the greatest weight amounts to 3500kg. The machine tool main shaft of new research and development can change for the machine tool model SK40 (HSK 63A) with SK50 (HSK 100A) . The machine tool deploys drive power to be 40kW or the electric machinery of 57kW, provide the powerful cutting moment of force when huge cutting power and low rotate speed for machining center. CNC Milling