Hill spy dimension overcomes coke full Capto and high-pressured refrigeration to make turning center has competition ability more

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Vertical turning center is the same as machining center same, vertical turning center also is developing to change a knife automatically. Partial reason is the shorter cutting tool on use knife tower when may generate interference with the long cutting tool of installation, still having partial reason is to need to improve efficiency, realize unmanned production. The development of coke full Capto came true turning and rotate the general interface of cutting tool, establish the standard that changes a knife automatically. To realize the stabler control that cut bits to the data that processes harder, the advantage that high-pressured refrigeration assists treatment needs to pass higher pressure (the pressure that prep above uses generally at present) ability play comes out. If want to apply to circumstance of great majority application, need is as high as 150 cling to pressure. This will be cutting process and treatment area and platoon bits implement processing cuts bits to bring huge advantage. Challenge: The unmanned cost that raises turning center is defended change a knife, eliminate cut bits to clear problem. Turning center dictate is worn manufacturing industry. No matter work measure size, they often can appear needless stop for long machine, so that change a knife artificially, and cooling fluid system makes cooling fluid flows into cutting area passively. Accordingly, the development job that has to these machine tools is to decrease mix inside the plan the machine down time outside the plan. Although do not have Lv of person unified exam to buy at present,one did not change the machining center of knife function automatically, but changing a knife automatically to be not in turning center is a standard. Partial reason is knife tower interface lacks the port of general tool system that can change a knife automatically. Machining a respect, classics of horizontal turning center is improved, introduced tower of Y axis, double knife and deputy turning axis, can realize treatment real time monitoring and measure automatically use at efficient big batch production, in making its are being machined actually thereby, have efficient with flexibility. Vertical turning center also develops new level, offer the option that trades a knife automatically. This is the need that stems from manufacturing industry: Unmanned value defends promotion machine tool ability and versatility, reduce a hardware the working procedure have enough to meet need between all sorts of machine tools, can use longer boring rod and won't the limitation because of knife tower position. Apparent, the knife tower that changes knife equipment and standard tool interface automatically will make the one part of machine tool concept in future. The development of tool system is machined development drive, vice versa. Manufacturing industry is driven or responding to new technology come out, finished cost is making company profit bottom line. System of high-pressured cooling fluid is the one part of most contemporary machine tool, but the use means of most system can not make cutting craft has He Shi to be changed character. The cutting tool system such as CoroTurn HP can be in 30 to 80 cling to action of the play inside high-pressured limits. The effect of hydraulic pressure wedge that accurate cooling fluid eject produces " carry litre " cut bits to be out of shape, reduce quantity of heat, improve the control that cut bits, the unmanned value that promoted most material thereby guards manufacturing function and security. But for the biggest the advantage that the refrigeration of play high pressure that change assists turning to machine, the much better requirement that break bits. This needs higher cooling fluid rate and pressure (be as high as 150 cling to) . This meeting is area of the treatment in machining a process and platoon bits implement the management that cut bits brings huge advantage. These new functions need to be considered when the application of turning center, defend production in unmanned value especially, difficult treatment material and treatment of long bits material are a kind of potential risk, can cause cut bits longerly to clear time, affect treatment reliability. Solution: The choice can change the tool system of the knife automatically, increase the cooling fluid pressure inside turning center. The solution is the coke that is based on ISO standard chemical industry of full Capto module provides a system. Come for years, have the turning center of turning and application of dynamical cutting tool to holding concurrently, this tool system is moved by the extensive hand that serves as first selection the fast system that change a knife. Nowadays, vertical lathe and much task machine tool use identical tool interface to be used at changing a knife automatically. All sorts of evidence show, below coke full Capto one phase develops concentration the turning center that is used at changing knife function automatically. To get used to higher cooling fluid pressure, orgnaization of new broach of coke full Capto already research and development is finished, sealed function can bear at least 150 cling to pressure, it applies to the hand of turning center to use clamp device already, also can use at muti_function of the machine tool rotate main shaft. The main advantage of active development depends on interface keeping consistent, existing cutting cutting tool and clamp unit are completely compatible. Shorten the time that change a knife and means of eject of cooling fluid of change cutting area will be in before long make in the future machine tool (especially turning center) have competition ability more. CNC Milling