What is central wearing?

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Central wearing basically is used at processing longer work, fixed use on lathe bed slideway, the bearing that has 3 independent shift commonly is ungual, the usable bolt that tighten solid will secure. Central wearing: Clip workpiece even if love central wearing to have the hand is moved and automatic two kinds, when using, central wearing solid is tightened at slideway, adjust bearing claw, make with workpiece bearing surface contact, adjust to degree of tightness appropriate, increase tigidity, facilitating cutting. Central wearing: The hand is moved hold in the arms dead! Central wearing applies on lathe from time to tome two kinds of circumstances: (1) the outside each circle that processes rod of long and thin a flight of stairs, be in central wearing bearing commonly of the axis among, first Che Youduan the circle outside each, tune hind holds clip likewise, again of car other one aspect of the matter outside round. (2) the end panel that machines long axis or long canister, and the aperture that carries a department and whorl, usable chuck clip holds workpiece Zun Duan, with central wearing bearing right end or right end rely on mid position a bit. Origin: Network CNC Milling