How does numerical control revolving stage work?

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The use of numerical control revolving stage is to be treatment and CNC Milling to offer circumgyrate coordinate, finish divide into equal parts through revolving stage of four-axle, numerical control, index plate, not divide into equal parts, successive circumgyrate machines a process, the treatment that completes complex curved surface thereby works, make a machine tool original then price limits gets distensible. After all, is numerical control revolving stage how realize the job? Numerical control revolving stage by drive of servo electric machinery, begin roll through turbine worm is being driven to let workbench after gear decelerate. To eliminate transmission clearance and backlash, eliminate gap of side of gear clench the teeth through adjusting prejudicial annulus. At the same time taut cylinder sells gear and worm support wedge to have link thereby, means of this kind of join can be eliminated axis and set between cooperate clearance. Both sides of this kind of worm has different pitch, so worm transverse tooth thickness comes from the beginning end is to be added gradually thick. But the pitch because of same limit is equal, because revolving stage of this numerical control still can maintain normal clench the teeth. And worm eccentric shafe is covered adjust a center to be apart from, achieve thereby eliminate goal of worm deputy clearance. When numerical control revolving stage is dormant, numerical control revolving stage can be in locking condition. Rat tooth dish the locking force of locking means is small, this kind of means applies to revolving stage of medium-sized or small-sized numerical control only. CNC Milling