Index of two important precision decides lathe of bicephalous treatment numerical control stand or fall

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Is the tendency that system of automation of Xiang Rou sex develops numerical control machine tool: ? Have stand-alone of? numerical control, machining center and numerical control compound treatment machine tool) , line (FMC, FMS, FTL, FML) to the face (production island of independence of workshop section workshop, FA) , body (CIMS, distributed network is compositive production system) way develops, on the other hand to pay attention to applied sex and economy direction development.

Flexible automation technology is the main measure that manufacturing industry gets used to dynamic market demand and product to be updated quickly, it is the mainstream tendency that each country manufacturing industry develops, it is advanced the fundamental technology of production domain.

Its are premise of the dependability with improving a system, practical melt into mainly, with easily couplet net and collect become a target, pay attention to those who strengthen unit technology to develop and perfect.

CNC stand-alone develops to high accuracy, high rate and direction of Gao Rou sex.

Numerical control machine tool reachs his to form flexible production system can reach the coupling such as MTS with CAD, CAM, CAPP conveniently, to information compositive way develops.

Network system to open, compositive change directional development with intelligence.

Both ends machines numerical control lathe to call numerical control double head lathe again, the standard name that manages in me is: SNumerical control of DC-30A high accuracy two upright lathe, lathe of such double head numerical control is the Bao Bi that is aimed at different specifications two end have aluminous profile part at the same time the circle inside high accuracy, end panel and the special machine tool of treatment pouring wine cup.

Lathe of two upright numerical control can machine the two end of the spare parts at the same time, both ends, call double head numerical control lathe so.

I manage lathe of bicephalous numerical control can be aimed at the treatment of aluminous profile only, cannot process plastic pipe.

Is applicable industry: ? ? of こ of ∷ ⒓ commonplace is made presswork bad news material is used for instance OPC is roused base aluminous canal.

Function characteristic: ? ? .

Lathe of bicephalous treatment numerical control provides control system by client make choice of.


The machine tool uses double knife tower, two end panel are machined at the same time, coaxial is spent tall, benefit is tall.


Advocate electric machinery uses transducer to not have extremely timing.


Box of portable auxiliary main shaft makes sure the cutting of workpiece is rigid, the treatment length of outspread workpiece, enlarge size range of pipe bent.


Box of two main shaft can move to two end.


Clamp means uses hydraulic pressure automatic clamp.


Advocate electric machinery is extended for two end axis, drive box of two main shaft at the same time.


Classics after changing one's costume or dress, can come true to be entered automatically makings.


Rotational means adds linear slideway for ball guide screw.

This machine tool uses case of Taiwan main shaft, assure precision and stability.

Is cent of general interest of index of precision of lathe of bicephalous treatment numerical control: ? ㄎ tan1huan4  group resolution of? of  of tan1huan4 of ㄎ of Tuo thoroughfaring cook a meal and precision of graduation of pulse equivalent; .

Fixed position precision is the virtual campaign niche that the index dominates the mobile part such as machine tool workbench and statement position all the time degree, its abhorrent poor value is fixed position error namely.

The element that causes fixed position error includes drive of servo, testing system, feed and slideway error to wait.

Fixed position error affects the dimension precision that machines a spare parts directly.

Repeating fixed position precision is to point to fall in identical mode of operation and condition, the consistent rate of the result gets after the regulation that finish is operated for many times.

Repeating fixed position precision is the contingency error that shows normal school commonly, it can affect batch to machine the consistency of the spare parts.

It is the function index of a special weight.

The fixed position precision of machine tool of ordinary numerical control is 0.

018mm, repeat fixed position precision for 0.


Resolution and pulse equivalent: ? Is straight Yuan comfortable does Yuan Zhixian of the tip that invade ligature mire Mian of plutonium ∥ grey duckweed?

To surveying a system character, resolution is the smallest displacement that can measure, to controlling a system character, resolution is OK pilot is the youngest displacement increment.

Pulse equivalent is to show numerical control device did not issue signal of a pulse, the displacement that place of component of machine tool displacement produces is measured.

Graduation precision: ? Brother's son catchs  benevolence to invade mound brother's son of Shen of ㄔ of Xiao of ぷ of brother's son skirt benevolence the poor value of angle of? actual circumgyrate and instruction circumgyrate angle.

Graduation precision affects a spare parts to machine place to be in namely angle position of the space, the coaxial that also affects aperture to fasten treatment is spent etc.

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