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CTX310 Eco numerical control is all-purpose lathe is Demaji (Shanghai) the type that machine tool limited company rolls out formally in December 2006. Once the machine tool is rolled out, caused the close attention of client of heart horse auspicious immediately. Headquarters is located in American Chicago SRAM fast joining a company is world-renowned bicycle component production company, regard the whole world as one of suppliers of the biggest bicycle spare parts, it opened a branch in Europe and America. Move like the car such as F1, GP, autocycle in that way, bicycle motion also has its enthusiastic car to confuse. No matter be country, field, racing cycle, or it is a city recreational car, a lot of people are very happy with it ground research, comment is worn truckload reach its component, for this, fast be confused even the company by the car people pay close attention to greatly. Those who be located in Suzhou industry to develop garden area fast company of the makings that link a car held water 1993, the company covers an area of 7200m2, have stuff 250 people. Fast even (Suzhou) car makings company basically produces part of 4 kinds of bicycles, namely transmission, dial catenary implement, avoid shake implement reach stop a car implement, 90% above products of company are used at exit or indirect exit. Be in fast even (Suzhou) in the workshop, various metals machine equipment, if gold cuts machine tool, v machine tool, and testing instrument, what see at most however still is the machine tool of German De Maji. only lathe of CTX310 numerical control has 15 in the workshop. Among them a mill that it is a car is compound center, 1 is CTX310 Eco numerical control all-purpose lathe. CTX310 Eco numerical control is all-purpose lathe is Demaji (Shanghai) the type that machine tool limited company measures a body to make for Chinese client and rolled out formally in December 2006. This machine tool is develop on 9119 foundations and come in former CTX310 series. It deployed Xi Menzi company's newest 840D to control system and graph to change ShopTurn of process designing software, make complex machine program becomes simple use easily, although do not have the process designing experience of G code, also can be inside short time skilled process designing. In the meantime, 15 inches LCD experts not only beautiful, and icon of machine tool condition is changed, clarity is clear, facilitating maintenance, operation. After power of electric machinery of CTX310 Eco main shaft increases, expression is to get the better of a person to prepare more, treatment efficiency rises greatly. This is new once the machine tool is rolled out, caused the close attention of client of heart horse auspicious immediately. When the first new machine tool just got offline, fast connect (Suzhou) the requirement that the car expects the company put forward try out new machine tool namely, up to now, use condition makes them very satisfactory. Current and high-grade bicycle spare parts, select material is aluminium alloy and alloy steel more. Preform is Die Casting, forging or all sorts of profile, the metallic character of material decided the specific requirement that high speed machines. Small bicycle part, its geometry precision and positional precision all ask very tall, if the diameter is the treatment precision of 20mm aperture, tolerancepublic errand is in ± 0.

01mm is the following, and the position between each aperture is spent very strict, must choose the machine tool of high accuracy so. Change as a result of the breed of the bicycle fast, because this machine tool wants an alternative,can answer flexible the numerical control machine tool of treatment. As a result of fast the factory that is in even the company Germany is early the De Maji machine tool with use technology relatively mature, reason fast even (Suzhou) large quantities of quantities choose Demaji the machine tool is no wonder. For example machines the crust of bicycle transmission to spend hub, be in at present goods is 3 series 8 breed. The end panel that needs turning to machine beautiful hub, external diameter, cone, inside aperture, and the end panel of suitable rear cover and external diameter. Fast even (Suzhou) machine on lathe of CTX310 Eco numerical control with respect to arrangement, 3500r/min of main shaft rotate speed, sharp speed of advance spends 18m/min, efficient treatment do a job with skill and ease. Those who be worth to point out is, demajidi furnishs fast even (Suzhou) machining center machine tool, all use join key project, and after service also comparatives reach the designated position, accordingly, good tooling is fast gave even birth eligible spare parts to make contribution. Fast even (Suzhou) the car expects Mr Wang Xiaohong says limited company general manager: We and company of heart horse auspicious cooperate tacit understanding, get along very good, encounter what problem to be able to be communicated in time, solve in time, if want again,will add equipment henceforth so, de Maji will still be first selection. CNC Milling