How does process designing of numerical control lathe machine plan certainly

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(one) the principle treatment program that machines plan certainly calls craft plan again, the treatment program of numerical control machine tool includes to make situation of working procedure, labor and the content such as course taking a knife. In process of treatment of numerical control machine tool, because treatment object is complex diversiform, especially the appearance of outline curve and position are Protean, add material different, batch is not coequal the influence of many sided element, when making treatment plan to specific spare parts, should undertake concrete analysis and distinction are treated, agile processing. Only such, ability makes the treatment plan that makes sound, achieve Gao Hecheng of quality actor, efficiency thereby this low end. The general principle that makes treatment plan is: First thick hind essence of life, first close hind far, first inside hind outside, block is least, course taking a knife is the shortest and special situation is special processing. (1) first thick hind the finish machining quality that essence of life manufactures efficiency to rise and assures a spare parts, when cutting is machined, ying Xianan discharges rough machining working procedure, inside shorter time, the many mental allowance before finish machining (what if pursue,3-4 shows a share inside medium dotted line) take out, satisfy the surplus uniformity requirement of finish machining as far as possible at the same time. After rough machining working procedure is arranged, answer to arrange the semifinishing machining that after changing a knife, undertakes and precision work then. Among them, the purpose that arranges semifinishing machining is, when the uniformity that leaves surplus after rough machining cannot satisfy finish machining requirement, can arrange semifinishing machining to regard as transitional working procedure, so that make finish machining surplus small and even. It is OK to be being arranged when one knife or the finish machining process that many knife has, the final outline of its spare parts should be machined continuously by last knife and become. At this moment, the position of knife of advance and retreat that machines cutting tool should consider appropriate, do not want to in successive outline arrangement cuts support of the people to be cut or change knife and stand as far as possible, lest be out of shape because of cutting force changes suddenly and creating flexibility, cause the generation on smooth join outline mutation of exterior cut, appearance or stop the defect such as knife mark is ill. (2) first close hind far what what here says is far with close, it is to press treatment place to be apart from size at what nod to the knife relatively. Be in usually, it is especially when rough machining, normally arrangement leaves close to knife dot place to be machined first, from the treatment after choosing far place to the knife, so that shorten,cutting tool shift is apart from, reduce idle stroke time. To turning treatment, first close hind far be helpful for carrying wool blank or semi-manufactured goods rigid, improve its cutting condition. (3) first inside hind outside to wanting the appearance inside treatment already (inside model, antrum) , want to machine the spare parts of outside face again, when making its machine plan, should arrange normally machine first inside model with lumen, outside face is machined after. Because the dimension of the surface inside control and appearance are more difficult,this is, cutting tool tigidity is corresponding poorer, point of a knife (blade) durability suffers heat in metal cutting easily to affect and reduce, and cleared in treatment it is more difficult to cut bits wait. (4) course taking a knife is the shortest the working key of certain route taking a knife, basically take cutter track line with what reach idle stroke at deciding rough machining, because the course taking a knife of process of finish machining cutting basically is,along its order of spare parts outline undertakes. Cutting tool of generally refer to of course taking a knife from nod to the knife (or the machine tool secures origin) begin motion to rise, till return the method that should be nodded and ends course of machine program place, the method that includes cutting treatment and cutting tool introduce, cut wait for blame cutting idle stroke. Below the premise that assures to machine quality, make machine program has the shortest line taking a knife, can save the executive time of whole treatment process not only, still can reduce a few needless cutting tool to use up reach orgnaization of machine tool feed of slip component wear away etc. Outside optimizing technology program to carry out experience in great quantities besides support, still should be good at an analysis, when necessary but complementary with a few simple calculation. Afore-mentioned principles are not invariable, to certain and special situation, need to adopt agile and alterable plan. Be like some workpiece must first the rough machining after finish machining, ability makes sure its machine precision and quality. These hang on process designing person what machine experience actually is ceaseless accumulate with study. (2) the relation that machines course and mental allowance has not been achieved in numerical control lathe popularize use condition to fall, should get on wool blank commonly overmuch surplus, the surplus arrangement that contains hard cortex of forge, casting especially is machined on common lathe. If must use numerical control lathe to add man-hour, want to notice the agile arrangement of the program. Arrange the place with a few overmuch to surplus subprograms to make certain cutting machine first. (1) the treatment course when undertaking cutting of a flight of stairs to large surplus semifinished product (2) statified the stop bit buy of the cutting tool when cutting (3) when the lathe of numerical control of main shaft rotate speed when car whorl machines whorl, because of the change of its drive catenary, its rotate speed wants in principle only can assure main shaft every turn when a week, cutting tool edge advocate feed axis (it is Z axis more) directional displacement a pitch can, should be not restricted. But when numerical control lathe machines whorl, can get the influence of the following respects: (1) the pitch that dictates in thread machining block (lead) value, be equivalent to with feed (Mm/r) F of denotive feed speed, if the choice of main shaft rotate speed the machine tool is exorbitant, the feed speed after its conversion (Mm/min) is sure be worth normally more than greatly; (2) cutting tool is in of its displacement only then / eventually, will be risen by servo drive system / fall the tie of frequency and speed of operation of interpolation of numerical control device, because rise / fall frequency character cannot satisfy the reason such as treatment need, criterion the likelihood because advocate feed campaign generation goes out " lead " and " lag " and the pitch that brings about partial snail tooth does not accord with a requirement; (3) turning whorl must run a function through the synchronism of main shaft and come true, namely turning whorl needs to have generator of main shaft pulse (coder) . When its main shaft rotate speed chooses exorbitant, the fixed position pulse that gives out through coder (namely main shaft every turn signal of a when give out when a week fiducial pulse) will the likelihood because " too strong " (become especially the quality of coder is flabby and time) and bring about workpiece whorl to produce chaos to buckle. Accordingly, when car whorl, main shaft rotate speed should follow the following principles surely really: (1) fall in the circumstance that assures to produce efficiency and normal cutting, appropriate chooses inferior main shaft rotate speed; (2) guide mediumly when thread machining block length δ 1 and cut length δ 2 (the place that be like a graph is shown) the consideration is more abundant, namely when whorl feed distance stipulates the length of whorl is bigger on the design more than, optional choose is proper a few higher main shaft rotate speed; (3) when the biggest rotate speed that allows working rotate speed to exceed machine tool place to set main shaft when what coder place sets, optional choose as far as possible a few higher main shaft rotate speed; (4) normally the circumstance falls, the main shaft rotate speed when car whorl (N snail) the computational pattern that should press its machine tool or sets in manual of numerical control system undertakes deciding, its computation type is more: Allow of the N in type of Min) of / of L(r of / of allow of N of N snail ≤ , the top job rotate speed that coder allows (R / Min) ; L, the pitch of workpiece whorl (or lead, mm) . 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