Han Chuan develops a kind new-style stand turn lie orthogonal milling head

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Company of standard of industry of finite liability firm developed Han Chuan machine tool recently accessory of a kind of new-style machine tool---HGMZJ50 - 50 orthogonal milling head. This milling head is designed for CNC Milling of dragon door type, machining center only, can machine vertical axial changeover to process a rod for horizontal, implementation holds clip work, the horizontal that finish reachs the aperture of vertical plane and planar treatment. This accessory expanded greatly the size range of pipe bent of the machine tool, the workpiece that because vertical, horizontal machines working procedure changeover to bring,decreased installs clip or have a change of luck 2 times, improved work efficiency, can raise the treatment precision of the spare parts again at the same time, it is one of accessory with indispensable machine tool of dragon door type. This kind of milling head used a pair of arc to age bevel gear has drive, deliver torque through spline of internal diameter centering, main shaft uses the didymous bearing of high accuracy to prop up, assured the smooth stability of transmission and the reliability that run, can realize big torque, big cutting to measure treatment. Increase what as Han Chuan produce and sale of mill of numerical control of type of company dragon door, machining center measures ceaselessly, this milling head also will gain bigger market with its favorable performance/price ratio, development perspective is very wide. CNC Milling