Multitask of round revolving stage machine tool implementation retroflexions treatment

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Multitask of typical round revolving stage of Haus Pfiffner company machine tool. This company already had technical experience of 40 years in this respect in big batch nicety workpiece machines a respect, multitask of round revolving stage the machine tool often is optimal choice. Fall in the circumstance that the product often changes inside short time especially, more such. Use a kind to reform now model machine tool, can undertake retroflexioning safely machining to workpiece. Precision strong, crop mixes tall, security high flexibility is strong, these are the core interests of cutting treatment company. K.

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- multitask of round revolving stage of the new PT 52-12 of Pfiffner-Gruppe company numerical control the requirement that the machine tool can satisfy this respect fitly. This kind of equipment is multitask of existing Hydromat round revolving stage the directional technology of the machine tool develops again. New generation facilities has a lot of characteristics, can improve security of treatment precision, treatment and manufacturing efficiency already, also can increase treatment flexibility. Multitask of round revolving stage of new PT 52-12 numerical control the machine tool is OK on each treatment unit the feed movement that goes up to Z axis and the drive electric machinery that machine an axis to go up undertake the number is controlled. In addition, equipment plan still can machine unit to offer the digital pilot option that amounts to 5 axes for each. Main shaft actuating device is undertaken modulatory by an AC electric machinery. Compare with photograph of other technology program, changing often especially below the circumstance of the product, this equipment can pass a series of other optimizing measure and bigger flexibility, to realize large quantities of amounts the economy treatment of high accurate component offers good premise condition. Every treatment unit can offer 5 to be able to accuse an axis improving model of the control that pair of other axes pass on equipment and time of transhipment of through cargo shorten, can realize various to breed workpiece to undertake economy is machined, raise the utilization rate of equipment significantly. According to different treatment workpiece, previous generation equipment can use hydraulic pressure or electronic-controlled treatment unit has operation. The time of transhipment of through cargo that shortens considerably all also shows an advantage below condition of small lot production. Anyhow, although the product changes frequent, also can achieve good socioeconomic to produce a condition. 4 on every treatment unit can try selectively pilot assists an axis, it is transverse the Y axis that moves at Z axis, the C2 axis that vertical X axis and milling head can rotate along Z axis and special the U axis at valvular head craft. Pass last kinds of narrates axis, can come true to undertake machining to a kind place such as prejudicial aperture from inside. Multitask of round revolving stage of PT 52-12 numerical control the equipment feature of the machine tool decided this machine tool can be satisfied right relatively the requirement of high accuracy and bigger treatment security. The machine tool applies to the treatment of the workpiece that is 150mm for 60mm and length to the biggest diameter. Multitask of as round as other Hydromat series revolving stage the machine tool is same, multitask of round revolving stage of PT 52-12 numerical control the machine tool also is contained by 12 or of 16 workpiece bracket or clamp clamp alterable an operation central dish be aimed at with 12 (18) or 16 (24) the fixed vertical that machines a station is annular bracket. According to different cutting job, each treatment unit can assemble the knife head that differs accordingly. Be versed in in the first on, strong record raw material is carried go up to pincers and by clamp, next here by curium knife cut becomes place given norms. After every complete step of a treatment, the work that handles clip of dish of along with place to hold has rhythm ground to be versed in from rotate to be versed in to the next. Workpiece passes whirligig, ordinal the treatment that accepts all place to need works, till complete treatment. In the last labour go up, workpiece can be gotten off from pincers and be brought to follow-up working procedure. From this, machine tool of round revolving stage can come true efficient machine with socioeconomic. Multitask of round revolving stage the distinct advantage of the machine tool depends on allocating each cut measure to many working station, accordingly, the user can come true to be the same as the whole of type work to machine to large quantities of quantities inside very little tolerancepublic errand scope. Axial public errand is gone to by compensation although 0 values are in the practice that machines working procedure allocation to go up to many working station efficient whole machines implementation big batch the respect has very large dominant position, but multitask of this pair of round revolving stage the treatment precision of the machine tool raised very tall requirement. Accordingly, although each components of equipment all accepted high accuracy treatment, but the axes on each working station and pincers still can appear 0.

The error inside 01mm limits. These errors can affect the precision of makes work. To avoid this kind of appearance, the compensation function that sum of errors of a pincers sets to be the same as round sex on new-style machine tool equipment. Operation personnel gives a sample in the treatment on equipment above all, undertake measure and examining to sample next, record likely error in the digital control of X axis and Y axis at the same time, such, when equipment is being machined already but attend to these numerical value can compensate axes to 0. Nextpage if if working station has Z axis to accept a number to control only, to compensate axes error, this axis can be added hold a likewise controlled X/Y flange unit. Unit setting is in X/Y flange to be versed in individually outside on bracket, the assembly that formed cutting tool unit platform, ask to move on X or Y direction according to what control a system. Unit of this kind of flange is OK and automatic compensate axes deviation to 0. Besides function of axes error compensation, carry X/Y flange unit now, the prejudicial treatment that also can realize pair of workpiece (graph 3) . The design that on economic benefits another technology that provides attraction more innovates is pair of treatment device simplifies. On equipment of previous generation machine tool, process work according to what its differ, the user has a variety of 60 plan to be able to choose. These plan are devised for all sorts of treatment tasks technically, can get the limitation of these utility, because this is on flexibility,appear insufficient. And go up in equipment of new-style machine tool, set unit of a GM-50/150 treatment only can. This kind of treatment is unit but according to all treatment task, configure all sorts of different knife heads. Carry this kind of kind, the take time with unit to a large number of sundry treatment leave out is operated painfully and can be opposite the reserve of a large number of corresponding spare parts. Anyhow, the user can save considerable cost. In addition, GM-50/150 treatment unit still can offer 50mm to extend way up in Z, can achieve 150mm in all now. To equipment operation personnel, need does it is a hand only on the journey range that uses a treatment unit preliminary adjustments to set place to need, and treatment unit also can maintain in same locally. Move with economic and other hand adjust measure is same, also can shorten considerably from this production assists time. On the equipment previously, for example feed a powerful person is moved according to armrest with respect to need adjust. And in multitask of new-style round revolving stage on the machine tool, need to pass CNC only now (here is pass Xi Menzi 840 Sl through using) write parameter can. Machining another unit advantage is modular structure: Pass all sorts of different add flange, can undertake adjustment to all sorts of different blade holder, use standard type of HSK63 of HSK32 – for example hollow lever cone, or also can use special model component. In addition, treatment unit still is set in be opposite short awl and cylindrical aperture, in order to undertakes accurate calibration to knife head. From this, machine tool equipment can suit to work at a variety of different cutting: For example, use axial knife head, transverse knife head, attack whorl knife head and scroll knife first class, can machine whorl of inside and outside; Use turning, milling or scrape knife head, can achieve very tall cutting efficiency. Latter contains 4 bit that stagger in the appreciably on circumferential axial. It is pushed on axial to workpiece, go up in a working procedure, undertake machining to circular material and other profile with the means of fast feed. Head of multilateral turning knife (MKDK) also be to belong to much category one of efficient cutting tool. This kind of cutting tool can is opposite quadrangular or hexagon workpiece or component of other external form undertake turning is machined. Slide valvular knife head can be used at prejudicial to inside and outside perforation to undertake machining. On equipment of this machine tool, to attacking whorl exercise need not use oriented whorl sound again, control a system to pass Z axis to enter interpolation-line to C1 axis drive however. Retroflexion through reliable workpiece treatment of opposite of functional implementation workpiece chooses a side in optimal treatment speed, can pass control software to two class the alterable rotate speed of V belt reducer casing undertakes choosing. NC controls a system to be able to offer all opportunities, will make full use of the flexibility of machine tool equipment, below essential condition, still can use undertake frequent error is diagnosed. Dislocation knife head (graph 5) can realize a special function, be aimed at opposite treatment namely, can undertake locating afresh to workpiece. Up to now, turning over roll to make always is to accompanying a few unreliability, after because be being taken,finishing work, cut bits or eyewinker to be able to enter blade holder likely in. Right now, workpiece sticks the retrorse ginseng encounter of close blade holder to go up no longer, stick on the eyewinker however. Accordingly, the dimension on axial can produce deviate, workpiece can become waste product. Improved model the propulsion of equipment before lever is taking next work, undertake metrical to the axial position of workpiece first, stock this numerical value in control system next, the security that can ensure workpiece retroflexions from this. After retroflexion, advance lever to undertake metrical to the axial position of workpiece again. If these two numerical value are not accorded with, this work that has a problem is met controlled the system is chosen automatically. Control system is right advance feed of axis of staff action, Z, retroflexion the final position that movement and clip hold an action undertakes monitoring. In addition, control a system to still be in charge of countershaft inside insert. Adopt principle of link up with of overhead traveling crane, machine tool equipment realized bigger treatment flexibility. Contain electric ark, medium to guide / derive, on the frame that the integral equipment of work station is in to bear fruit by installation, accordingly it can serve as integral device to be undertaken carrying by hook of overhead traveling crane, can throw instantly after fixed position use. Pull current Cheng becomes quicker. From say on the whole, equipment achieved admirable sex to valence is compared and can provide very good investment security to the user. CNC Milling